Pop Makes an Appearance at Consensus 2023, Come Join the Conversation
May 26, 2023

Pop Makes an Appearance at Consensus 2023, Come Join the Conversation

Consensus 2023 by CoinDesk is almost here and Pop can't wait to see you there. Here's everything we can do together.

Consensus by CoinDesk is known as the world's largest, longest-running, and most influential gathering in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 space. It acts as a global platform for visionary leaders, builders, and industry believers. It is a global platform where the community comes together and has the opportunity to network, share ideas, and help contribute towards the growth of the sector. As a proud sponsor, Pop will be at the event to be a part of some of the most important conversations in crypto and Web3 this year.

This year, Consensus 2023 will take part in Austin, Texas between April 26-28, 2023. You can find Pop at booth 659 at Consensus 2023 on all three days of this exciting event. Consensus is a platform where crypto, blockchain, and Web3 enthusiasts come together to discuss the immense potential that lies within these technologies. Industry fans, builders, developers, and leaders can explore what they can accomplish together to improve the lives of the global community and collective.

After the turbulent year of 2022 for crypto, Consensus 2023 is calling on investors, founders, developers, and policymakers to come together and find solutions to the industry's most tumultuous challenges. Consensus 2023 is driven to deliver these technologies' transformative potential. Pop is on board with this mission. We believe there is massive potential to be realized in this space and we're channeling that potential with Web3 abstraction, so everyone has a fair chance to thrive without having to fully understand these technologies.

Consensus is a renowned global stage for Web3 technologies

Pop harnesses the power of blockchain technology and Web3 to simplify its capabilities so that everyone can benefit from its potential. To highlight, Pop will open a portal for traditional web users to seamlessly enter and thrive in the Web3 realm. Pop promises true content ownership and eliminates the barriers to creator economy. With guaranteed proof of ownership, every creator can own their content and reap full rewards.

Pop understands the need for a balanced and stable ecosystem. This is why the Pop app rewards both creators and consumers in its ecosystem. This means that every Pop user will be subject to earning rewards in the form of the Pop ecosystem's native token (PPT). So, every content created and every engagement it generates will lead to a fair and predetermined distribution of Pop Token rewards for both parties.

Pop is the next-generation social gateway geared to accelerate the Web3 social revolution, and we are keen to show the world just what you can accomplish with the creative freedom we offer. Pop puts its users in the middle. You can choose what your future on the platform should look like. The Pop ecosystem will be a platform that aggregates content, intellectual property, entertainment, and social media.

Pop empowers both creators and users to thrive in Web3

We strive to create a community-run ecosystem where users and creators participate to deliver a cohesive Web3 social hub. Pop offers a permissionless way to distribute content between creators and the community. On Pop, you can redefine how to interact with one another with a new approach to social media. To drive a global push toward social decentralization, Pop will decentralize global creativity just like how Ethereum decentralized the Internet.

Pop gives its creators complete ownership over their intellectual property. In our ecosystem, you can forever lay claim to your innovation and creative brilliance. Pop also comes with a fabulous NFT collection inspired by cyberpunk-themed lore. You can unlock the full potential of a complete Web3 lifestyle on Pop by immersing yourself in our stylish NFT collection. In future updates, Pop will be home to an NFT Marketplace where you can mint your own NFTs on Pop.

A unique perk for Pop creators is that they can turn their creative content into exclusive NFTs to delight their fans. For users hoping to become NFT creators, Pop will release an AI feature that will help you create original content based on your likes or followers' interests. This is another initiative by Pop to decrease the barrier to creation and push NFT minting and trading. When Pop opens multi-chain integration, your NFTs can go farther than you ever imagined.

You can showcase your original creator NFTs at the Pop NFT Marketplace

You can come and see everything that Pop has to offer in person by visiting our booth at Consensus 2023. You can spend some quality time with the Pop app and the Pop NFT collection at booth 659 with the Pop team. Our team is more than eager to get to know you. Come grab a bite with our team and strike up an interesting conversation. You can also take part in our short and fun activities to win exclusive Pop merch! We'll also be conducting a special raffle to give away a limited edition prize.

Right now, the Pop app is being tested vigorously by our closed beta testers. Our tech team is always in full throttle, so we have new updates for the app every week! We will soon open beta testing to a much wider global audience, so stay tuned to our social media and community channels for news and announcements. As always, your interest and dedication to Pop are what keeps us going. We are grateful for your continued support and can't wait to meet you in person at Consensus 2023.

So don't hesitate to drop by and come visit us at booth 659 at Consensus 2023 to snag some exclusive merch and get an early sneak peek at our extended NFT collection. You can check out the latest version of the Pop app and directly ask our team all the questions you want. If you're lucky, you could even get some insights on what features will come next to the Pop app in the following months. We can't wait to show you everything that you can do on Pop! See you soon.

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