Pop Shines at Consensus 2023, Come Bask in the Light at Booth 659
May 2, 2023

Pop Shines at Consensus 2023, Come Bask in the Light at Booth 659

Consensus 2023 by CoinDesk is here and Pop is shining brightly amongst its visitors and fellow Web3 enthusiasts.

Consensus 2023 is finally underway! As proud sponsors of this exalted event, Pop is thrilled to be part of the most important conversations on Web3 and crypto in Austin, Texas this year. Consensus by CoinDesk is known as the world's largest, longest-running, and most influential gathering in the blockchain and Web3 space. Uniting visionaries, investors, and developers across the globe, Consensus 2023 is home to some of the greatest innovative minds of the year.

The event is taking place between April 26-28, 2023 and Pop has its very own booth at the event to welcome industry enthusiasts. As the next-generation social gateway geared to accelerate the Web3 social revolution, Pop is more excited than ever to connect with the visitors of the event. You can find our team at booth 659 and talk to our CEO, Michael Shen, directly! Hear all about what Pop is doing to empower content creators and consumers simultaneously.

Speak with our CEO, Michael Shen

To highlight a few perks, Pop will give its creators complete content ownership to leverage creator economy. With proof of ownership guaranteed, creators can show off their intellectual property without fear of theft and misuse from third parties or rivals. By putting our users in the middle, the Pop ecosystem will do much more than any other traditional social media platform. We aim to deliver a complete Web3 social experience with our app.

For those of you at the event, you can begin your Pop journey with a little more flare than those exploring the Pop app from their home right now. For Consensus 2023 visitors, you can head to booth 659 to scan special QR codes at the event which will qualify you to take part in our live PopPlay activities! The journey starts with simple tasks like following official Pop pages. But if you truly want the Pop experience, you can download the latest version of the Pop app on site and set up your account right there at the event!

Download the Pop app at Consensus 2023 to avail special perks

Not only can you be the only Pop app users to be the first to post Consensus 2023 content on the Pop app, you can also win exclusive Pop merch by doing so! Between April 26-28, 2023, for Pop booth visitors at Consensus 2023, the Pop team is giving you a chance to snag some exclusive Pop merchandise! These items are made specifically for Consensus 2023 alone. For participating in our short games, you can avail stickers, caps, hats, bags, pillows, t-shirts, and more!

On all three days, visitors can join the stamp collection journey to claim the merch mentioned above. For every short task a visitor completes, they receive a cool digital stamp. At every other stamp milestone, the participant will unlock a new prize. Pop is all about creating and sharing original creator content. In order to encourage original content creation, the Pop booth is equipped with fun props to get new users on the Pop app to get started on their creators' account.

Consensus 2023 visitors can't get enough of exclusive Pop merch

One of the biggest surprises for Consensus 2023 Pop booth visitors is the raffle draw. This is an exclusive stamp prize that's open on the last day of the event. Only contestants who unlock all the stamps on their stamp collection journey will qualify for this limited access raffle draw. The lucky winner(s) will stand tall on the final day of the event as they claim their official Pop figurine! These figurines are the most exclusive Pop items at the event.

So make sure to stop by booth 659 at Consensus 2023 and collect all the stamps so you have a chance to win the extremely limited Pop figure on April 28, 2023! The Pop team is eager to assist you throughout your stamp collection journey at our booth. Don't forget to show off the merch you won on your traditional social channels as well as on your new Pop account! Tag our official Pop channels and follow us across all platforms, so you won't miss out on the raffle winners announcements.

Collect all stamps to enter Pop's raffle giveaway

Our team has put our heart and soul into making the Consensus 2023 Pop booth a fun and engaging site for all our fans and visitors. As always, we love our community and are grateful for your continued dedication and interest in our project. We're always looking for ways to give back and Consensus 2023 is a great place to do so in person. We'd love for you to drop by booth 659 to say hello and grab some special merch!

We're super proud of how far we've come so far in just a few months and we're looking forward to making many more exciting announcements for our community in the coming months. Between an AI-generated content feature, the Pop NFT marketplace, and minting original creator NFTs on the Pop app, there are certainly exciting days ahead for Pop users!

For Poppers everywhere, across the world, keep a close eye on our social media channels and connect with fellow Poppers on our official community channels, and you won't miss out on any future Pop news!

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