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Welcome Pop DApp user! If you've made your way to this page, then you're looking to verify your account as 'Verified Creator', 'Verified User', or 'Verified Company'. Fill in the details below to get verified.

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Access Greater Pop Creator Potential

There's a lot to leverage on the Pop social media platform for Web3.

Earn PPT

For every post and engagement made, Pop will reward you, a verified Pop Creator, with more PPT.

Content Ownership

The boon granted by blockchain technology gives you full ownership of your intellectual property.

Higher Exposure

Verified Pop Creators enjoy more exposure on Pop, including the app's Creator Corner section.

Social Recognition

By claiming ownership, you gain recognition for your original thoughts and creative brilliance.

Verified Reputation

Channel your traditional social media reputation and accomplishments to Pop via Soulbound Tokens.

Decent Collaborate

Connect with fellow creators without sharing personal data to produce magical content together.

Creator NFTs

Turn your original content into NFTs and delight your fans with exclusive digital merch.


Take the lead in community discussions and exercise your well-earned governance power.

Pop Rewards In Abundance

The Pop Social platform is keen on rewarding the continued activity of our Creators. Check out all the types of delightful rewards that await you on the Pop DApp.

Pop Stars Verification

Great news: Pop is now available on major exchanges like Bybit, Bitget, MEXC, and Gate. We're uniting the Pop community to fuel the Pop DApp's bright future, and we are offering exciting giveaways! You can receive our Exclusive Pop Star Role and have a chance to win a limited edition Pop T-shirt. How can you do that and gain more exposure on the Pop Social front page?


Go to Pop stars application group in our Discord channel.


Share your evidence of promoting for Pop Soical along with your Pop ID screenshot.


If you are eligible, a Pop Staff will contact you so that we can send you the gift.