Celebrate the Spring Festival and Win Fun Prizes with the Lucky Loong
May 31, 2024

Celebrate the Spring Festival and Win Fun Prizes with the Lucky Loong

Pop Social ushers in the Chinese New Year with a special Lucky Bag Spring Festival celebration for Poppers.

The Pop Social team loves to embrace the festivities! What's a festival without exciting prizes and a chance to party with our Poppers? This time Pop Social is putting up the fanciest of decorations to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival! Who's ready to celebrate Chinese New Year in the Pop Social Ecosystem?

This year we're giving Poppers across the world a chance to test their luck in phases starting February 10, 2024. You can win PPT, rare Accessory NFTs, and other exciting rewards from fellow Web3 projects like Gameta, DeGuard, Rese, 3space Art, RoboFi, Openfabric AI, NeoCortex AI, and RWA Finance. We're giving away New Year's Lucky Bags to a lucky few Poppers in the hopes of having you channel the Lucky Dragon of the Year!

How to Participate

To get your name in the pot to win a Lucky Bag, Poppers can find the relevant post on our official TwitterX page, follow, like, retweet, and tag a friend to qualify. Based on the number of retweets the post gets, we will give away a set number of Lucky Bags to random winners!

  • 366 Retweets: Unlock the first wave of prizes
  • 1666 Retweets: Unlock the second wave of prizes
  • 6666 Retweets: Unlock the third wave of prizes

Note that the goal is to get as many retweets as you can for this special post Poppers! The more retweets you get, the more prizes you unlock. Make your way up the retweet tier to unlock the ultimate Lucky Dragon Bag.

Here is our twitter link: https://twitter.com/popapp_official/status/1756317842675470509


The Lucky Loong Competition is a fun and simple way for Poppers to interact with the Pop Community and work together to unlock special Pop Prizes. These lucky bags hold PPT and Pop NFTs and unlocking each wave of prizes comes with a set number of Lucky Bag giveaways as follows.

  • 366 Retweets: 66 Lucky Bags giveaways on Feb 20
  • 1666 Retweets: 10 Lucky Bags giveaways on Feb 26
  • 6666 Retweets: 1 Lucky Dragon Bag on Feb 29

While PPT and Pop NFTs are prizes in every wave, the final wave with the ultimate Lucky Dragon Bag comes with a special aura. This final lucky bag holds a mix of mystery prizes from PPT, legendary Accessory NFTs, and other exclusive rewards! Poppers, make sure to support one another and set that retweet button on FIRE! Work together to unlock epic prizes and let's welcome the new Spring Season together!

Pop Social wishes everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year.

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