Claim Social Recognition with Pop NFTs and Conquer Web3
May 31, 2024

Claim Social Recognition with Pop NFTs and Conquer Web3

Pop connects Web2 and Web3 communities over a secure online space. See how our NFTs will improve your social presence.

The social media playground has expanded into an entire theme park. It is now an exciting space where you have to keep switching between rides to get a slice of the fun every few hours. Wouldn't it be great if you could hop a single ride that could take you through every attraction in the area? What would you think of a singular app that could funnel in content from every one of your favorite social media platforms? Wait till you hear about Pop.

Pop is inspired by wanting to gift the ability of conquering the online social arena from one single source. The Web3 revolution paired with blockchain technology offers the perfect recipe for a thriving living platform where anyone can meet their social requirements and even achieve personal goals. Web2 was already an exciting realm to thrive in, but why not make the best of it by bridging to Web3?

Let's take a step back and look at the challenges faced by social platforms in Web2. Lack of security certainly comes to mind, anonymity is hard to keep, and ownership is almost impossible to guarantee. After all, you know what they used to say, once something enters the Internet, it's on there forever. With blockchain power, these are all issues that can be dealt with. Anonymity with accountability, complete content ownership, and incredible security.

Claim your Unique Personal Identifier NFT on signing up

Pop recognizes these struggles and gives you the ultimate solution that'll let anyone elevate their presence in the social blockchain space. Pop is a simplified Web2 portal into Web3. Build and level up your unique online persona on Pop by accessing exclusive breathtaking NFTs. That's right, Pop will ease you into the Web3 world by giving every user their very own NFT. This NFT will act as a Unique Personal Identifier and will be inspired by the users' pinned interests. Every users' online identity is now represented by this NFT.

Inspired by fantastical lore, the Pop universe takes shape

Pop's NFTs are inspired by a fantastical lore, one that was born of a Cyberpunk society where brave Cyphers are rebelling against a tyrannical government headed by controlling overlords who fear change. Cyphers work together with Cypets and sometimes even with the elusive Cyglitches to find a way to gain their creative freedom once again. Popoo embodies the same philosophy, we want to give our users complete creative freedom.

Earn and unlock the power of Pop

On Pop, users can unlock the power of the 'creator economy' by earning Pop Tokens ($PPT) for creating content as well as for engagement. They can also collect additional rewards and unlock other Pop NFTs as they level up. The more a user earns, the more they can level up! With Pop, users will be able to earn $PPT by doing the same usual social media routine of every day.

Safely store your $PPT on your wallet

Users will also be able to connect to a wallet on the app to safely store their $PPT and upgrade NFTs on the app. Pop also has an NFT marketplace where users can buy, trade, and sell NFTs. They can even send or swap $PPT seamlessly within the app. Another Pop perk gives users additional abilities as they level up. This includes unlocking Cypets so Cyphers can turn into a dynamite duo with the exclusive Cypet NFT.    

If you're curious about Cyphers, Cypets, and Cyglitches, stay tuned for our next blog post where we'll dive into our NFT designs and further explain our Cyberpunk NFT collection. Perhaps you'll even hear more about our CyberCity lore! Until then, you can sign up to become an early-bird user for Popoo: