Community Sale Guide to Buying PPT on the Pop Social Website
May 31, 2024

Community Sale Guide to Buying PPT on the Pop Social Website

Hello Popper, here's a quick and simple guide you can follow to buy Pp Tokens (PPT) from the Pop Social website during our Community Sale. Follow the steps and you'll secure your share of PPT seamlessly.

Step 1: Add MetaMask Browser Extension

To buy PPT, you will need a crypto wallet. For a smooth process, we recommend MetaMask.

Download the MetaMask Wallet extension to your browser (preferably Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge)

Step 2: Create a MetaMask Wallet

Click 'Get Started', click 'Create a Wallet', then click 'I agree'.

Create a password of your choice and type in twice.

Agree to the 'Terms of Use' and click 'Create'.

Step 3: Secure Your Wallet

To keep your PPT safe, it is recommended that you secure your wallet. To do so, click on 'Click here to reveal secret words', to show the seed phrase. This seed phrase is your Private Key. You need all 12 phrases to access your MetaMask wallet.

So be sure to write them down in order or save them in any way you prefer. Never share your seed phrase with anyone.

The next step will have MetaMask asking you to confirm your Secret Backup Phrase. Please do so to continue.

Step 4: Connect Your MetaMask Wallet to the PPT Community Sale

Go to the Pop Social website, click 'Buy Now'.

Click 'Connect Wallet' and choose MetaMask. Click 'Continue', and Click 'Connect'.

A 'Switch Networks' pop-up will appear, click 'Binance Smart Chain' so your wallet will automatically connect to the BNB Chain to connect you to the Community Sale.

Step 5: Transfer/Buy USDT or USDC

To get your PPT, you must deposit your funds in the form of USDT or USDC. To do so, you can purchase USDT or USDC on a crypto exchange like Binance or and transfer your assets to your Meta Mask wallet.

You can also choose to buy USDT or USDC on MetaMask directly. Simply open your wallet and click 'Buy' and follow the process as prompted.

Make sure to buy USDT or USDC on the BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain).

Step 6: Deposit Your Funds in the Community Sale

Come back to the Pop Social Community Sale page and click 'Deposit'. Choose USDT or USDC from the drop-down option on the right. Input the number of USDT/USDC you wish to deposit (between 100-1500). Click 'Confirm'.

Click 'Deposit More' and repeat the process if you wish to buy more PPT.

Step 7: Claiming Your PPT After Community Sale

After the Community Sale is over, you can click 'Claim' to claim your tokens. Stay active in the Pop Discord community to know when it is time.