Explore a Whole New Pop DApp and Portal Into Web3 SocialFi With Pop 2.0
May 31, 2024

Explore a Whole New Pop DApp and Portal Into Web3 SocialFi With Pop 2.0

Pop DApp's version of Pop 2.0 is here, dive into the Web3 SocialFi realm and unlock your true creator potential.

Pop Labs has had an incredible journey so far. We have promised our community an interoperable, omni-chain Pop Ecosystem complete with Web3-inspired features and themes. To deliver this incredibly efficient ecosystem, Pop Labs began with the debut of its first product - the Pop DApp. This product ushers all traditional social media users to seamlessly portal into the beneficial world of Web3 social media.

The Pop DApp has finished a successful round of alpha and beta testing. Each round went through a rigorous testing phase and all our Pop DApp testers shared invaluable quality feedback. The Pop DApp development team took every quality feedback shared and turned that crucial data into the blueprint to forge a greater version of the Pop DApp. Pop Labs has a lot in store for Web3 social media enthusiasts out there. Until then, allow Pop Labs to introduce to you, a greater, more heightened Pop experience with Pop 2.0.

Meet the New and Improved Pop DApp

Using blockchain technology, the Pop DApp is able to guarantee content ownership, so all social content creators can leverage ownership and creator economy. This way, you can gain value for the value you bring to the Pop Labs Ecosystem. At the same time, content consumers too can earn value for engaging with content on Pop. Together, they sustain a harmonized social ecosystem and grow along with the platform.

Since its conception, Pop has made a lot of promises. Its goal is to empower content creators and consumers alike. Not only has Pop given creators the freedom and ownership they crave and deserve, but they are also able to build a foundation for their online social identity and establish their digital brand. The Pop social media app for Web3 provides advanced features that will help its users leverage futuristic technology. To eliminate the barrier to creation, the Pop DApp will also be incorporating AI technology into its coming phases.

As of now, Pop Labs is introducing Pop 2.0. Meet the higher version of the social media app for Web3, courtesy of all the wonderfully insightful feedback provided by our alpha and beta testers. We are infinitely grateful for the hours and months of intense user testing, unwavering dedication, and deep interest in bringing the Pop DApp to its most profound stage. If you have yet to experience Pop 2.0, head to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to update to the latest version of the Pop DApp now!

Download Pop DApp Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Both Android and Apple users will see a slew of new features to explore with the latest updated version of the Pop DApp. First off, you will see a striking change in the style, design, and color scheme of the Pop DApp. These have changed to better suit the Cyberpunk-themed Pop NFT Universe. The Pop NFT Collection consists of highly stylized and fashionable tech geeks who express themselves through freedom of self. This is the same feeling we wish all Poppers to experience when exploring the social media app for Web3.

Besides the design, you will also see a wide range of changes and improved efficiency in all the features the Pop DApp has to offer you. Starting with the first two pages, this is where you will see all the content that enters the platform. You can explore popular trending content, or check out what your favorite creators have posted most recently. You can also directly search for anything particular you're looking for with the long-anticipated search feature!

The Pop DApp also makes it easier for you to track down your favorite KOLs on the platform. Connect with those who match your creative energy and passion for innovation and collaboration to create explosive content together. Pop 2.0 comes with a chat feature that lets you connect directly with other creators on the platform. Strike up a conversation and get the ball rolling! The Pop 2.0 version of the Pop DApp lets you do more than just follow one another. Web3 is driven solely by the passion of the community and the Pop DApp is making that the heart of the Pop Labs Ecosystem.

Explore new features on Pop 2.0

In addition, the latest feature to debut on Pop 2.0 this week is the Pop NFT Market. This marketplace is the ultimate NFT hub in the Pop DApp. Creators can convert their content into original NFTs. By minting your own NFTs on Pop, you can list your NFTs on the Pop Marketplace. You can also grow your collection by snagging exclusive creator NFTs from your favorite Pop KOLs too!

The Pop NFT Market is open to anyone on the Pop DApp hoping to display their NFT creators. Soon with the Pop AI integration, anyone can create popular trending content with AI prompts. These original content too can be minted into NFTs for listing onto the Pop NFT Marketplace. To highlight, the Pop Marketplace will also showcase the Pop NFT Collection. Our collection consists of Cyphers, Cybeasts, and Cypals, each inspired by CyberCity's Pop lore.

The Pop NFT Collection in particular are dynamic NFTs. Leveling up your Pop profile will enable users to unlock exclusive privileges on the Pop DApp. This includes adding cool, stylish, and fashionable accessories to your Pop NFTs to match your personal Pop brand and personality. Keep a close eye on our social channels and blog to find out more about our NFT collection as more details will be revealed in the coming months.

Discover the Pop Universe through our NFT Collection and Marketplace

The Pop team is always hard at work incorporating your quality feedback into the next set of updates to the Pop DApp. We have regular updates for you every other week. These changes will help us present a greater version of the Pop DApp to deliver the ultimate Pop experience. We have a lot more in store for you as we inch closer to our official launch date to have the Pop DApp operating from the mainnet so you can start earning PPT for real!

Until then, please be sure to continue exploring the Pop DApp with every new update. More importantly, make sure to invite your friends and family to compare notes and drop quality feedback for our tech team. We will continue to improve the Pop experience for you, so stay tuned for future announcements we are eager to make and the many new exciting features that have yet to make their debut!

Once again, we'd like to thank all our Poppers for your continued support, interest, and dedication to our project and especially the Pop DApp. We are so grateful to have you on our journey. We hope you continue to stick with us as we forge our way to our next milestones in the coming quarters ahead! Of course, for all our testers, you will receive a personalized Pop NFT + Token Airdrop in the future as a thank-you present for your time and dedication to Pop Labs and the Pop DApp.

Download the Pop App:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store