Here's What You Can Do As An Alpha Tester On The Pop App
May 31, 2024

Here's What You Can Do As An Alpha Tester On The Pop App

Pop is launching the closed alpha testing round for its Pop App. Here's how you can become a Pop alpha tester.

Blockchain technology and the rise of Web3 gave our world the chance to do more and accomplish more. Slowly but steadily, more and more sectors began to adopt this rapidly growing technology. From the sectors of finance, government, and healthcare, to art, entertainment, and sport, we saw what every sector can fulfill with these emerging technologies. Still, it only keeps surprising us. Pop is harnessing the wonders of these technologies to deliver a much fairer and economically leveraged experience within the realm of social content.

Pop is a social content gateway for creators and users to leverage ownership and content economy on Web3. We are providing a platform where users can establish a secure and anonymous online presence to engage with a global community without fear of losing ownership of their content. This gives creators a chance to earn value and recognition for the time and innovation they put into their creations. By rewarding creativity, Pop aims to spark more innovation in the space. Along with this, Pop will also reward users for engaging with content on the platform. After all, both parties contribute to bringing value.

Pop is using blockchain technology to improve the online social experience

Content from many platforms will funnel into Pop, along with its own user-generated content. Both integrations and user content creation are Pop features that will make their debut a little later down the road. At the moment, Pop is just getting started. Before it can reveal all its magic, Pop will launch its alpha testing phase in two stages. The first will be an exclusive closed alpha testing stage where a limited group of early users will get a chance to explore the app. Our Gleam Winners will lead the charge. Simply head to our official Discord channel and create a ticket.

To include the wider Pop community, eager parties can like and retweet our alpha testing announcement post with the appropriate hashtags and their Discord ID. One of our community managers will then give the earliest repondents the role of an alpha tester. This will give you access to the closed alpha-testing thread where you can find a link to download and install the Pop app. Be sure to share your feedback on this exclusive thread, as significant feedback will subject you to receive USDT as a reward. Only 50 slots are available for eager Poppers to become alpha testers during this closed round. So hurry and create your ticket now!

Pop has launched its closed alpha testing phase

Next, Pop will open alpha testing to a much wider audience. The alpha testing phase will last two weeks and will only be giving out rewards during the closed round for alpha testers who share contributions on the alpha-testing thread. All alpha testers must be aware that the alpha testing round has the Popoo app running on a testnet. This means that all the NFTs and tokens received during the testing phase are all tests. Therefore, any NFTs claimed and tokens earned during this time will remain on the testnet and cannot be held by testers outside of the testnet.

Instead, Pop will airdrop tokens to all alpha testers later once the Pop app is past its testing phase. This is to appreciate all the time taken by our alpha testers to help improve the Pop app experience. We are very grateful to have you join us on our journey and help us establish this milestone together. Pop is here for you and your presence is what will drive its future.

Pop will reward significant feedback from alpha testers with USDT

As a Pop alpha tester, you can explore the app by reading articles, watching videos, testing the Pop wallet, earning test tokens for liking content and fulfilling missions, and claiming your test NFTs. By doing so, you will be the first-ever Poppers to have a glimpse at what will become the magical world of Popoo. You will see the legacy our NFT collection is building up to and get inspired to contribute to greater Pop lore. You will be founding members of the Pop universe and be the first to claim the title of Pop Citizen among the community.

In the next phase, Pop will launch many additional features to keep the community excited. Stay tuned for our next blog where we will dive deep into features that will make their debut in phase two of the Pop vision. Until then, become an alpha tester to feel the hype for Pop official beta launch where you can claim your two Pop NFTs and begin your Pop NFT collection. Soon you will choose your personalized Pop NFT and earn $PPT on Pop!