How NFTs Are Making FIFA 2022 The Best Championship So Far
May 31, 2024

How NFTs Are Making FIFA 2022 The Best Championship So Far

FIFA has always been peak entertainment for football fans. See how NFTs are improving the fan experience.

Anyone watching the FIFA 2022 World Cup right now would say that the championship had many surprises in store for them. They certainly cannot deny the absolutely riveting performance of the players so far. Indeed, this championship tournament is keeping football fans everywhere at the edge of their seats. So many iconic moments have made it to the highlights. For some players it was a last hurrah. For others, they are making history! We've seen many teams surprise their home countries with epic unexpected wins and incredible bouts of sportsmanship.

FIFA fans hail from all over the world, their passion for football and for their favorite players and teams can rival that of the knights’ loyalty to their lords. Football fans love the sport almost as much as the players making their living from it, if not more! Ultimately, it is the fans that drive FIFA. The popularity and demand for the championship game only exists because of these passionate fans. The blockchain realm works similarly, to keep the blockchain alive, one must ensure that the community is happily thriving. By rewarding the community, the blockchain will thrive as well.

Football fans are the lifeblood of FIFA

So how can FIFA keep its fans happy? They're already broadcasting the matches all over the world for free on FIFA+. Every single football fan across the world can watch the games and its highlights over and over again until their hearts soar from sheer ecstasy and pride! What about FIFA merchandise? Yes, this is definitely something every fan would wear with honor. But, sending limited edition merchandise to every corner of the globe could be a challenge. Even if it can be met, physical mementos could be lost to time from wear and tear, or to jealous roommates or bratty siblings.

This is why NFTs are the perfect solution to delivering sports and FIFA fans the greatest fan experience. How NFTs work is that they give their holder complete ownership of an asset. This asset could be a video, an image, audio, a digital item of value, or even virtual merchandise. With NFTs, fans will always be able to lay claim to their memorabilia and showcase their true dedication as a fan of the sport. What's more, NFTs cannot be stolen, replaced, or duplicated. They can also give their owners extra privileges if designed as such.

Non-Fungible Tokens are revolutionizing the fan experience

For instance, let's take a closer look at the specific types of NFTs FIFA 2022 could offer. Picture high resolution gifs of winning goals made by the Moroccan team. Unique NFTs could be made from different angels of these life-changing goals. After all, these goals made history. NFTs of other memorable moments could also be made into NFTs. These could include South Korea's winning goal against Portugal, Japan's winning goal against Spain, and Iran's winning goal against Wales.

For fans of specific players, perhaps Ronaldo's tears and his last game at FIFA could become part of a sentimental Ronaldo NFT collection. Similarly, Neymar's heartbreaking reaction to Brazil having lost the quarter finals could be part of a very personal NFT collection to his fans. Meanwhile, other possible NFTs could include digitizing every yellow and red card during the games. These could be fun mementos for rival fans to hold! Another adorable NFT for the FIFA 2022 collection could include sweet moments from the games, such as Moroccan player Soufiane Boufal dancing with his mother after Morocco won their quarter final match.

Moroccan player dances with his mother after winning quarter final match

Besides minting specific moments as NFTs, there is definitely a lot more that can become NFTs for FIFA fans. Virtual merchandise like team jerseys, digitally autographed footballs or signed football shoes from the winning team, even trading cards from this season would all count as exclusive FIFA 2022 NFTs. Taking this one step further, FIFA 2022 could also sell digital NFTs of every player so FIFA fans can set up their own fantasy football team to make their FIFA 2022 championship last forever!

Presently, e-sports is one of the fastest-growing industries out there. Hence, FIFA 2022 is making sure to bring web3 and blockchain into this space to deliver the latest gaming experience to their fans. One of these exciting gaming ventures includes the official FIFA World Cup 2022 metaverse game. This exciting game is a result of a partnership between Reality+ and OTZ Sports.

Another unique NFT perk involves attaching benefits to NFTs. This is especially the case for entry tickets to events. An NFT holder could gain the added benefit of qualifying for a certain player's future game by owning a rare and valuable NFT of that player. Player's like Ronaldo and Messi already have their own official NFT collections. Perhaps FIFA 2022 will release a collection of the winning team!

Ronaldo and Messi have their own NFT collections

FIFA Collect+ is already making some of these dreams come true. The platform is giving football fans the opportunity to collect and own licensed digital collectibles from FIFA's 92-year history. These NFTs can be bought, sold, traded, and used to earn additional rewards. It seems the use cases for NFTs in the sports sector are endless. Indeed, there is still so much potential here that the sports industry is yet to explore and discover.

Just like FIFA, Pop is also exploring and discovering the immense potential of NFTs in Web3. Much like how FIFA NFTs are empowering football players and fans alike, Pop is empowering content creators and consumers to leverage creator and ownership economy. Every person joining Pop will receive their own personalized unique NFT. These will act as Unique Personal Identifiers so creators are ensured Proof-of-Ownership while consumers can earn tokens by engaging with content. Popoo will reward those who bring value to its platform and give them the ability to practice governance.

Pop will allow creators to leverage Proof-of-Ownership

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