How To Mint Your Popbit Genesis NFT
May 31, 2024

How To Mint Your Popbit Genesis NFT

Follow this official guide to help you mint your Popbit Genesis NFT and start claiming your earned PPT.

This is your thorough guide to how to mint your Popbit Genesis NFT in your 24-hour window. Are you ready to mint your very own Popbit Genesis NFT to start claiming your hard-earned $PPT on the Pop DApp? Your Pop Tokens (PPT) are waiting for you, and so is your Popbit NFT!

Get ready to mint your Popbit and unlock a myriad of exclusive perks on the Pop Social Ecosystem! Remember, there are only 1,000 Popbit Genesis NFTs available for mint, so as a confirmed whitelister, you'll want to get minting ASAP as it works on a first-come first-serve basis. Make haste as our whitelist is overallocated!

To assist you with your Popbit Genesis NFT minting process, here's everything you need to know to mint your Popbit Genesis NFT on the Ethereum network between November 21, 20:00 UTC and November 22, 20:00 UTC. Let's get minting Poppers!

Popbit Genesis NFT Mint Info

Supply: 1,000 Pieces (1 Mint per Wallet)

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Price: 0.005 ETH

Mint Date: Nov 21, 20:00 UTC - Nov 22, 20:00 UTC (24 Hrs)

Eligibility: FCFS for Whitelists

Mint Location:

NFT Contract:

NFT Token Type: ERC721

Minting Instructions

  1. Set up your Ethereum wallet (If you don't have an ETH Wallet)

When setting up a digital wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet, download from their official sites, create a new wallet with a strong password, and safeguard the generated 12-word seed phrase. Enable two-factor authentication for security and verify Ethereum addresses before transactions. Your unique '0x'-prefixed wallet address is essential for sending and receiving Ethereum, acting as your wallet's account number.

  1. Buy Ethereum

Choose a user-friendly exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken to buy Ethereum. Create an account, deposit funds, purchase Ethereum in the trading section, then transfer it to your wallet using the exchange's withdrawal option—done!

  1. Connect Your Wallet

During the mint day. Use your ETH wallet to connect to the mint page on the Popsocial official website. Make sure you connect the site with the wallet that you submitted to the Whitelist. If you are not on the whitelist, you will not be able to proceed to the next step.

  1. Mint your NFT

Once you hit the mint button, your wallet confirms Ethereum network gas fees, an expected expense for minting NFTs. The mint will last for 24 hours. You can check this website to find a good time when the gas fee is low, but also remember to act swiftly since the whitelist is overallocated. After agreeing to the fees, confirm the transaction to get your Popbit NFT. Voila! The NFT will show up in your wallet shortly.


When and how can I withdraw $PPT with Popbit NFT?

If you want to claim your earned $PPT, please transfer this Popbit NFT to your Pop Wallet address

What NFT marketplaces are Popbit NFTs available on?

The Popbit Genesis NFT collection will be available on and Opensea. You can find Popbits here if you missed the chance to mint a Popbit yourself. These secondary marketplaces are your chance to buy a Popbit Genesis NFT instead of directly minting one.

Will there be more Pop Social NFT collections?

Certainly, there will be multiple other collections in the Pop NFT roadmap. Each collection will come with its own impressive utilities that will elevate your Pop Social experience. Stay tuned for more updates.

OKX FREE Airdrop Campaign

If you'd like to try your hand at winning a FREE Popbit Gensis NFT, you'll want to participate in our collaboration campaign with OKX. Good luck Poppers!

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