How to Start Claiming $PPT With Your Popbit Genesis NFT
December 19, 2023

How to Start Claiming $PPT With Your Popbit Genesis NFT

Here's how you can claim your $PPT on the Pop DApp after minting your Popbit Genesis NFT.

If you are one of the lucky first 1,000 to mint a Popbit Genesis NFT, then you must be very eager to be the first user ever to begin claiming your hard-earned $PPT on the Pop DApp! Every Popbit Genesis NFT holder can begin claiming their earned NFT on the Pop DApp starting November 24, 2023. This functionality will begin with the next Pop DApp update, so keep an eye out for it.

Please note that holding a Popbit Genesis NFT is the only way for a Pop Social user to claim their earned NFT. If you have yet to mint your Popbit Genesis NFT, make sure to do so on our official website before November 22, 20:00 UTC. If you miss this window, then you can go to secondary NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Blur to find and purchase your Popbit Genesis NFT.

Transfer Popbit Genesis NFT to Pop Wallet

Once the latest update of the Pop DApp comes into effect, users will see that the Ethereum chain has been added along with the Polygon and BSC network. Switch to the Ethereum network and copy your Pop Wallet address. This can be found upon clicking the 'P' icon on the top-left corner when you open the Pop DApp.

After copying your Pop Wallet address, head to the wallet that is currently holding your Popbit Genesis NFT. Choose your Popbit and click send, paste the Pop Wallet address, and make sure to choose the Ethereum network before confirming the transaction.

Transfer your Pop Genesis NFT to your Pop Wallet

Claim Your Earned $PPT on the Pop DApp

After the successful transfer of your Popbit Genesis NFT to your Pop Wallet, you can see it in the NFT section of your Pop Wallet under the Ethereum network. This shows that you are now ready to begin claiming your earned $PPT on the Pop DApp.

To claim your earned $PPT click the 'P' button at the middle-bottom upon opening the Pop DApp. Here you can see your accumulated earned $PPT and the 'Claim' button under the 'Rewards' tab. Once you have earned at least 50 $PPT, the 'Claim' button will become clickable. Click 'Claim' to finally claim your hard-earned $PPT.

Claim your hard-earned $PPT on the Pop DApp

You can claim your earned $PPT every 24 hours. Don't forget, you can earn more $PPT every day by completing daily tasks. You can also level up your Pop Social account to earn $PPT at a faster rate. This is only the beginning Poppers, get ready to transcend!

So, hurry and mint your Popbit Genesis NFT before November 22, 20:00 UTC so you can begin claiming your hard-earned $PPT from November 24, 2023. Let's get poppin' Poppers, you can finally begin reaping the rewards for your unending patience and unwavering loyalty to Pop Social. As always, we thank you for sticking by us on our exciting journey and are ever so grateful to have you with us. Let's shoot for the moon together!

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