Legacy Pop Token (PPT) Airdrop Details, Are You Ready?
April 24, 2024

Legacy Pop Token (PPT) Airdrop Details, Are You Ready?

Poppers can soon avail their Legacy PPT earned pre-mainnet launch via an official Pop airdrop.

We hear you Poppers. We know you've been waiting patiently for your long-awaited Pop Social mainnet PPT Airdrop. You've been through so many BIG milestones with us, especially those of you who've been with us since the alpha and beta testing phases. We're so touched to have you here with us for the exciting journey ahead, starting with the PPT airdrop that will finally give back all that you have brought to us.

You may have noticed that all your testnet-earned PPT are recorded as Legacy PPT on the Pop DApp. Rest assured, our team is fully aware of all the test PPT you've earned pre-mainnet launch. We will begin rewarding you with mainnet PPT in exchange for your Legacy PPT very soon. Please be aware that Legacy PPT to mainnet PPT may differ due to mainnet token conversion rate.

All your pre-mainnet PPT are saved as Legacy PPT

This newly calculated number for your Legacy PPT replacement mainnet PPT will be done 4 months after the Token Generation Event (TGE). Thus, the Legacy PPT Airdrop event will begin in February 2024. We will announce the specific date and time closer to this month. Your token conversion rate will also be revealed then. All claimable PPT will be vested to you over 6 months starting from the Airdrop date.

Note that this is the procedure to protect the value of our token and to ensure fairness within the Pop Social Ecosystem. We love our community more than the Popbits love to party Poppers and every move we make is made with the best of intentions for ensuring a seamless and sustainable experience for all of you within the Pop Social Ecosystem.

We hope to count on your continued support and dedication as we gradually make this shift into the future for our Web3 social gateway. Let's take it easy and build a platform that can last through it all! Remember, you can continue earning and claiming mainnet PPT on the Pop DApp for all your engagements towards the end of November. Until then, stay tuned for official timings on the Airdrop. We'll see you then!

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