Level Up on the Pop DApp with $PPT to Unlock Infinite Possibilities on Pop Social
May 31, 2024

Level Up on the Pop DApp with $PPT to Unlock Infinite Possibilities on Pop Social

Level up your Pop Social account with $PPT to unlock a myriad of perks on the Pop DApp.

There's so much to look forward to as a Pop Social user and creator! With the Popbits going live and the ecosystem closing in on completing one month since our Token Generation Event (TGE), all Popbit Genesis NFT holders can begin claiming their NFT from November 24, 2023. There are also those you are claiming their monthly vested $PPT from the Community Sale, and let's not forget our daily $PPT traders on all our listed exchanges.

There's so much you can do with your $PPT. This blog explores one perk in particular. Here's how you can level up your Pop DApp experience to earn faster and unlock more on the Pop Social Ecosystem. Are you ready to level up your Popper lifestyle?

Use $PPT to level up on the Pop DApp

How To Level Up on the Pop DApp

Leveling up your Pop Social account on the Pop DApp is easy. Simply open the Pop DApp and click the number on the top-right corner of the app. The number will appear in a hexagon, likely showing the number 1, if you haven't leveled up before. If you have, then the number reflects your present account level on the platform. Upon clicking this numbered icon, you can view your account status.

Each account level comes with an exclusive title. You can see what perks you enjoy at your present level, how much $PPT you need to invest to level up, and what perks the next level will unlock for you. Make sure your Pop Wallet holds sufficient $PPT to level up to the next account before you click the invest button to level up!

What Does Leveling Up Unlock?

Presently, the Pop DApp has 50 account levels for our users to unlock and elevate their on-chain experience. The most basic privilege each level guarantees is an earning boost. That's right, this means with every level up, you can earn $PPT on the platform at a faster rate. The higher your level, the faster you earn $PPT.

Besides this, leveled-up accounts unlock mighty perks as they shoot through each new level. For instance, these perks include and aren't limited to boosted $PPT earnings, unlocking a set of free transactions, claiming exclusive and limited edition Pop Social merch, gaining access to exclusive limited edition Pop Social NFTs, access to Treasure Chests, and much more.

Level up to unlock a myriad of perks and possibilities

Start Leveling Up on Pop Social

Those of you who hold a Popbit Genesis NFT can claim earned $PPT on the Pop DApp and put your earned $PPT to work immediately by leveling up on the Pop DApp and exploring your new unlocked privileges. For anyone who missed the chance to snag one of the 1,000 Popbit Genesis NFTs, you can try your hand at claiming one in secondary markets.

Of course, users who wish to level up without having to hunt down and own a Popbit Genesis NFT will always have the option to get $PPT directly on our partner exchanges such as BingX, Bitget, Bitmart, Bybit, Gate.io, and MEXC and transfer these purchased $PPT to their Pop Wallet on the Pop DApp to level up their experience on the platform.

Keep a close eye on our official social and community channels as more $PPT exchange listings will be announced soon.

Download the Pop DApp:

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