Leverage Popular Social Media Trends on Pop in 2023
May 31, 2024

Leverage Popular Social Media Trends on Pop in 2023

Read all about how you can efficiently leverage the latest social media trends on the Popoo app in 2023.

Social media has come a long way since its debut in the 2000s. Looking back at the first few years when social media platforms came to be can be quite amusing now. This is because we tend to compare them to what they have become today. At first, social media platforms didn't know what they would become, or what they wanted to be. Did they wish to connect strangers across the world or gather a global community? Did they want to give users the option to share their artwork or did they want to invite businesses to find new clients? Well, needless to say, the realm of social media now pretty much does all of this and more.

In fact, to keep things interesting, most social media platforms try to provide a variety of features to keep their users interested. Indeed, the competition is high and user loyalty can be very fickle, especially when they get no value in return for their loyalty. One clear reason behind the popularity of social media platforms is the fact that the ones standing now were always open to adapting their ecosystem to meet the demands of the users and the market. Let's take Facebook for example. It started as private pages for friends and family to stay connected. Later, it introduced a space for businesses, then communities, and then a marketplace.

Popular traditional social media platforms of today

It is imperative for platforms to stay on trend with social demands and global interests. This, along with the integration of the latest technology, allows social media platforms to not only stay relevant, but to grow along with the world. Let's take a look at some of the popular social media trends that are likely to thrive and boom in the year 2023. How can you, as a user and creator, benefit from these trends and how can you do it better on the Pop app over other traditional social media platforms? Let's find out.

Growing interest in Web3 Technology

Traditional social media spaces do not give its users true ownership of their content and there is no reliable way of tracking content. This makes it easy to steal intellectual property with almost zero repercussions and is certainly one of the biggest reasons for the need to use blockchain technology in social media. The blockchain ensures privacy along with transparency. Its cryptographic and immutable nature allows users to own their content whilst keeping anonymity.

This technology even comes with additional perks such as earning tokens, thus, giving creators and users value in return for their activity. On Pop, every user can gain value for interacting on the app and engaging with its content. They can even claim NFTs that bring further value onto the platform and outside. With blockchain technology in the picture, data security is guaranteed, a factor that is a huge concern in traditional social media spaces.

Blockchain Technology and Web3 solutions become popular

Popularity of Video Form Content

When social media platform first came to be, it was full of text and images. Eventually, users got bored of static content. To keep things interesting, these platforms introduced a suite of new features to keep users engaged. From AR filters and videos to limited availability of selected content, there isn't much that's not available to social media users. Of all these trends, short-form video content seems to be the most popular. Time is treated as a scarce resource and humanity can only spare a little, so you have to make sure every second counts!

Among many other feature, Pop also offers short form video content. So, Pop creators can leverage from this trend in 2023. In phase two of the Popoo app, creators can begin posting their own exclusive content and own every second of it. They can even make exclusive NFTs out of this content and present them on Pop Market, Pop's NFT Marketplace. Fans and users can earn $PPT on the Pop app to trade assets within our NFT hub.

Need for Social Commerce

In recent years, it has become clear that social media is home to every possible consumer out there. While most consumers spend their time online, they seem to like having the option of shopping. Of course, with the convenience of online payment options, it makes it all the easier for consumers to become customers on social media. Brands can showcase their products so consumers can shop directly. Meanwhile, the social media platforms themselves found niche ways to sell their brand. Users can buy exclusive stickers, gifs, filters, and more that can only be found on that one platform.

Some platforms allow users to purchase exclusive stickers

Clearly, everyone loves shopping and giving your users a seamless experience and a chance to grab souvenirs is a great way to make them feel special. However, there is the danger of information leaks, hacking, identity theft, and the reliance on third parties to fulfil this need of social commerce. On Pop, none of these challenges exist. Using blockchain technology, users can make direct purchases using Pop Tokens ($PPT). Thus, blockchain power and Web3 solutions triump once again!

Nano and Micro Influencer Marketing

The growth of micro-influencers has helped bring more authenticity to social media space. When influencers first became popular, brands were all in a rush to buy their loyalty. You may recall YouTube influencers about a decade ago go from genuine vloggers to decorating their entire space with a single brand. Well, this is no longer an option as viewers prefer to listen to genuine thought leaders and honest influencers. Micro-influencers build an authentic and relatable personal brand which helps them create a genuine connection with their community.

Pop gives creators the chance to speak directly with their fans via 'Pop Spaces'. In later phases, Pop creators can proudly display their SoulBound Tokens to show their authenticity as influencers in the space. These tokens will allow them to carry their entire history as influencers in the digital space, even from their time on traditional platforms. No brand will ever question your power and integrity as an influencer with Pop SoulBound Tokens to back your experience.

Influencers began to rise on YouTube in the late 2000's

The Promise of Personalization

Social media is a sacred space for most users. This is because most users either share bits and details about their personal life or build their personal or business brand. Every post is a part of their soul. This is why having the option to personalize one's online space is very important.

Pop understands this need to personify one's identity in the digital space. We give every user a Unique Personalized Identifier in the form of a special Pop NFT. Users can also change their nickname on the app and upload an avatar anytime on the Pop app. Pop will later give users the ability to mint their own NFTs by posting unique content onto the app.

Increased Focus on Mental Health and Well-Being

Social media came under fire many times for its negative impact on mental health. So much so that social media addiction became a serious concern for many and treatment for the addiction came to be. Further studies show that excessive use can lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. In 2023, social media platforms are expected to focus more on promoting mental health and well-being, with features like mindfulness reminders and tools to help users manage their social media use.

On Pop, every user gets an energy bar. The more you use the app, the faster it is depleted. This will ensure that our users do not lose track of time on the app. While it is important to connect with your peers, it is also important to be mindful. Additionally, the Pop Mission Center will ensure that our users put their health first, even when they choose to refill their energy bar to continue exploring the app. Soon, missions will include taking healthy actions and practicing positive activities as well.

Pop promises complete content ownership to its creators

Presently, Pop is on its final week of alpha testing. You can check out the alpha version of the Pop app as an exclusive alpha tester today! Follow our community and social channels to get started and make sure to drop your quality feedback before February 15, 2023 to qualify for USDT rewards. Thank you for helping us build Pop. Let's brighten the path to our portal to Web3 together!