Pioneer Poppers Receive Early Adopter Rewards in Ultimate $PPT Airdrop
May 31, 2024

Pioneer Poppers Receive Early Adopter Rewards in Ultimate $PPT Airdrop

Pop Social begins the ultimate $PPT Airdrop with the Pioneer Popper Airdrop of 3.5 million allocated $PPT.

The time has come Poppers! Every Pioneer Popper in the Pop Social Ecosystem has been waiting for this day. Since the Pop Social journey began, our team has worked relentlessly to build the greatest AI-powered social gateway to Web3. To do so, we mapped many exciting features to make their debut in our ecosystem. To name a few, Pop NFTs, GameFi elements, Governance power, Treasure Chests, AI tools, and much more.

Amongst these, Poppers have already made it through many exciting features revealed on the Pop DApp. The only reason you have these features to enrich your Creator Economy is thanks to your constant support and feedback. It is your dedication and love for the Pop Social Ecosystem that has brought us so far. Since day one, we have promised alpha testers, beta testers, Pop Pilot Pass minters, early adopters, and pioneer active users a big gift for your unwavering loyalty. This day has finally arrived!

In detail, the Pop Social team has allocated 2,500,000 million $PPT for alpha and beta testers, 500,000 $PPT for Pop Pilot Pass minters, and 500,000 $PPT for DEX liquidity pool (to be deployed soon) in the first wave of the ultimate $PPT Airdrop. The second wave of the ultimate $PPT Airdrop has 2,000,000 $PPT allocated for new and existing users!

The first wave of the ultimate $PPT Airdrop will commence on February 15, 2024, at 7:00 AM UTC, and ends on February 29, 2024, at 20:00 PM UTC. Make sure to claim your share within this time as any claims after will not be possible for all unclaimed $PPT will be considered abandoned and repurposed for new airdrop campaigns. Details for the next wave will be unveiled at a later date. Get ready to claim your long and hard-earned rewards in this ultimate $PPT Airdrop Pioneer Poppers!

What Is the Pioneer Popper Airdrop?

Pioneer Poppers are those users in the Pop Social Ecosystem who joined and actively participated in the Pop Social Community and the Pop Social Ecosystem. It is those of you who have been with us since the start of our journey and provided us with valuable feedback to improve our platform and to achieve every milestone till today. We are incredibly grateful for your active presence and dedication to our platform.

To reward all our users and to welcome more users to the Pop Social Ecosystem. Our team has finally unveiled the ultimate $PPT Airdrop! This Airdrop will take place in two waves. The first wave is titled the 'Pioneer Popper Airdrop' while the second is the 'New Age Popper Airdrop'. The first will airdrop $PPT to our alpha and beta testers as well as genuine Pop Pilot Pass minters. The second will reward new and existing users for active participation during a set time. More details on the latter wave will be announced later.

Calculating Your PPT Share

To determine how much PPT each of our Pioneer Poppers has earned until this point, we must determine the conditions required to meet a claim to the full share of your bounty. To do so, our team has set a point system structured over your time and activity on the Pop DApp and other Pop-related activities. Note that the parameters below apply to our early adopters, the alpha and beta testers.

The first set of requirements has to do with your user profile. If you have successfully set your Username, PopID, Description, and PFP, then you are eligible to meet a full 100% of your share. The second set of requirements comes from your activity in the Pop Social Ecosystem. This takes into account the number of posts made, quality interactions, successful referrals completed and their activity status, early adopter bonus, and participation in events like Galxe.

Meanwhile, for Pop Pilot Pass minters, the criteria for this bracket have been readjusted to ensure balance and fairness by ensuring that only genuine Poppers will get their share. According to the adjusted metrics, the final rewards for all qualified users have increased as a result. Specifically, the filtered criteria for opBNB Pop Pilot Pass minters was balance>0.001 BNB, tx>4, and for ZkSync it was balance>0.005 ETH, tx>4.

Claim Your $PPT Reward

Claiming your Pioneer Popper $PPT share is simple. On $PPT Airdrop day, head to the Rewards section on the Pop DApp and find the Pop Pioneer Popper Airdrop option. Here, you will see how much $PPT is allocated for you. Take a screenshot of your allocated $PPT share for the Pioneer Popper Airdrop Competition if you wish to win a multiplier bonus to your rewards. Then, click 'Claim' to finally claim what's yours!

You can then put your $PPT to work. With so much $PPT at your disposal, the Pop Social Ecosystem is now your ultimate playground to conquer! Use $PPT to Level Up on the Pop DApp to attain a greater $PPT earning boost or use them to open the highly-anticipated Treasure Chests where you could uncover Accessory NFTs to further maximize your $PPT earnings. Let's empower the Creator Economy together Poppers!

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