Pop Delivers Sustainable SocialFi Tokenomics with Prysm Group Partnership
March 26, 2024

Pop Delivers Sustainable SocialFi Tokenomics with Prysm Group Partnership

Pop has partnered with Prysm Group to present a sustainable SocialFi Tokenomics model in Web3.

Pop is delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Prysm Group. Together we are working to present a sustainable SocialFi Tokenomics model to fortify the Pop Ecosystem and keep it running smoothly for a very long time. By partnering with Prysm Group, we can ensure a capable and experienced hand behind the Pop Tokenomics model.

It's no secret that Prysm is one of the world's chief tokenomics firms. After all, the group is known for incorporating a research-driven and consulting approach to token economic design. To highlight, it is founded by two accomplished economists and the group has worked on many prominent Web3 projects such as Polkadot,  The Graph, Ripple, and Cardano.

Above all, Prysm Group is driven to build sustainable tokenomics to ensure the long-term capability of the projects they partner with. By putting research at its core and basing their solutions on proven economic design, the Prysm team goes deep into understanding emerging technologies like blockchain and applies them to the unique needs of their clients' platforms. With our aligned goals and vision, we could not be more thrilled about this partnership!

You can find the story of our partnership in this week's feature articles in top-tier media. Read all about what this partnership entails for the Pop Ecosystem and for all our eager Poppers waiting for exclusive Pop news! Check out the links below and have an in-depth read for more partnership details.

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Pop has a lot more in store for you this month. The Pop team vigilantly continues to improve the Pop experience based on your quality feedback. So make sure to join our communities and mingle with fellow creators and Web3 fans. Connect and collaborate with a like-minded, globally decentralized community and prepare yourselves for the official launch of the Pop DApp.

Until then, feel free to test Pop 2.0 and drop your honest quality feedback. Every tester will receive a personalized Pop NFT + Token Airdrop at a later date. So invite your friends and family to get creative and grow the community! Pop has many more reveals coming your way, including the Pop Litepaper. So stay tuned and keep an eye out on our community and social media channels so you won't miss out on any big announcements.

We can't wait to share more details with you soon!