Pop Features On Top-Tier Media Houses This Week
April 24, 2024

Pop Features On Top-Tier Media Houses This Week

Pop's successful visit to Consensus 2023 was covered by many renowned media houses this week.

Pop is delighted to share that we have been featured in many top-tier industry-specific media houses this week. In lieu of our soon-to-be-revealed Pop 2.0 version of the Pop App, it is indeed very humbling to see that we have made it onto many prominent media websites during our closed beta testing phase. So far, our many alpha and beta testers have shared plenty of feedback, so the Pop team is constantly ironing out and improving the possibilities of our app.

We are proud to share that in the coming weeks, we will drop an exciting new version of the Pop App. This drop will include numerous new features that will further improve both the creator and user experience on the Pop Ecosystem. Besides announcing our latest partnerships, this reveal has been something we have long been waiting for.

Our successful visit at Consensus 2023, and the warm reception from the visitors at this esteemed event further fueled our team's drive to fulfill our mission of bridging traditional social media to the Web3 realm. We're now closer than ever to presenting an elevated Pop App experience to you!

Below are a few articles featuring Pop during our time at Consensus 2023. Have a read and you can see just what we're working on for you.

Markets Insider:



Yahoo Finance:











Once again, we are so honored to have gotten this moment to smile under the spotlight at all of these renowned media houses. Above all, we'd also like to thank our loyal alpha and beta testers, and all of our fans and followers, who've stuck with us so far and who are, in a huge part, the reason behind improving the Pop experience so far.

More excitingly, we've got plenty of announcements in store for all of you in the following months. Stay tuned for the official app launch news, community-specific activities, Pop 2.0 teasers, and so much more! Soon all our testers will see the fruits of their dedication to Pop with the promised time of their personalized NFT + token airdrop approaching closer.

We're almost there Poppers! Thank you again, make sure to download the updated version of the Pop App and keep a vigilant eye out on our community and social channels for fun surprises and big reveals.

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