Pop Monthly Recap: Rewind February Highlights
May 31, 2024

Pop Monthly Recap: Rewind February Highlights

Pop Social celebrates an eventful month of February and takes a moment to highlight the month's greatest hits.

It has been a glorious month of February hasn't it Poppers? We had some long-awaited features and events drop this month, making it a truly memorable month for both the Pop Team and the Pop Community. The Pop Team is always eager to introduce more features and events to our Poppers.

Specifically, our February feature drops and events not only rewarded and delighted the Pop community, but also encouraged community engagement. By delivering new and exciting features, the Pop DApp is always armed with advantageous tools to offer an enjoyable and fortuitous environment for our community to thrive and leverage the content economy.

Let's take a quick dive to highlight the month's greatest hits and pay tribute to the milestones made so far.

Pop Treasure Chests

The highly-anticipated Pop Treasure Chests made their grand debut in the month of February. This feature brought an exciting GameFi element to the Pop DApp. Acting as 'loot boxes', Pop Treasure Chests will drop one of four exciting prizes for our users. These include another long-awaited Pop Social Ecosystem item, the Popbit Accessory NFTs in their tiered glory, $PPT giveaways up to 10,000, future Pop NFT Whitelists, and eventually, Pop Merch.

Poppers can open Treasure Chests as and when they please on the Pop DApp as a way to reward themselves or test their luck! They also have the option to get Treasure Chests in bulk for a greater moment of self-gifting delight. So far, a total of 1,026 Treasure Chests have been opened and counting!

Pioneer Popper $PPT Airdrop

The ultimate 3.5 million airdrop finally took place this month. This airdrop was exclusively to reward our early adopters, including alphas and beta testers as well as Pop Pilot Pass minters. Arguably, the most long-awaited hit on this list, the Pioneer Popper $PPT Airdrop wasted no time in rewarding our longest and most loyal community members.

Making the claiming process a simple one from the Rewards section on the Pop DApp, Poppers from all over the world began claiming their rewards before the claim window came to a close. A double your Airdrop competition also flared during this time. So far, 737,446 Pioneer Popper $PPT Airdrops have been claimed.

Revamped Level Up Launch

This feature was a hard one to keep secret. Ever since we first released the Level Up feature, our team has taken your feedback seriously Poppers! We heard your opinions and began to work on a way to improve its structure. We were thrilled to have had it ready alongside the features mentioned above. Now, we have the opportunity to delight our community more than ever!

With the new Level Up structure in place, our Poppers have the chance to boost their $PPT earnings up to 300% at the highest Level on the Pop DApp as opposed to what was once only 30%. Presently, the highest Level unlocked on the Pop DApp is Level 40. Can you beat that, Poppers? Level 50 awaits you!

Lucky Loong Contest

In honor of the Spring Festival and Chinese New Year, we launched an exciting festive event in February which was the Lucky Loong contest. As a tribute to the year of the Dragon, the event featured the Lucky Loong, a dragon that visited Pop Social to bestow good fortune and abundance to our ecosystem and everyone in it!

In celebration of the event, we hosted an AMA space on Twitter for our community to interact with those ecosystem partners who contributed to the Lucky Loong event! Featuring Mr. Edem from DeGuard, Mr. Andrei from Openfabric AI, Youssra from RWA Finance, and Yoon Kim from 3space Art, the Pop Team facilitated an interesting discussion around the power of AI, the need for community building in Web3, and much more.

Above all, we were happy to see our community work together to unlock the many Lucky Bags filled with untold treasures from the Pop Social ecosystem as well as from our ecosystem partners. Which one of you was blessed by Lucky Loong?

CCIP Integration

The month of February also brought the intgration of Pop Social with Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP). Our team is delighted to reap the benefits of the CCIP integration as it creates a bridging mechanism. This protocol allows our users to move Pop Tokens (PPT) from the BNB network to another network using a Lock & Mint approach.

Following our announcement, Chainlink Labs will create a token pool contract and provide the address to our team. After this, we will enable an authorized CCIP-wrapped version of our smart contract. Soon, our users can transfer PPT between the chains determined by the CCIP smart contract.

Pop DApp Highlights

The Pop Team is ecstatic to see the Pop DApp thriving with our beloved and active Pop Community at the center of our ecosystem. As of the latest data, February saw 38,387 monthly active users on the Pop DApp, 6,223 new users, and a total of 1,366,545 new unique content created by all of you! Thank you for your continued dedication to our platform Poppers. You are what drives us to achieve more in this exciting SocialFi space.

Indeed, these are exciting times to be an active Popper on Pop Social. No doubt, the month of February brought many delights to all members of our community. But the fun doesn't stop here, what wonders await you in March? Stay tuned for more epic and exciting announcements from official Pop Social sources. Our team is looking forward to what's next for us Poppers. Until then keep Popping!

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