Pop NFTs Enter BNB Chain, Say Goodbye to High Ethereum Gas Fees
May 31, 2024

Pop NFTs Enter BNB Chain, Say Goodbye to High Ethereum Gas Fees

Pop Social announces NFT Bridging to bring all Pop NFTs from Ethereum to BNB Chain for lower gas fees.

Pop Social is pleased to announce the bridging of Pop NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain to the BNB Chain! After considerate planning, the Pop Team is initiating NFT bridging to bring all your Pop Social NFTs from Ethereum to the BNB Chain. This move will greatly improve your Pop NFT minting and transacting experience as the BNB Chain has a much smaller transaction fee when compared to Ethereum.

Pop Social has always made it clear that our every move is inspired by wanting to improve the lives of our users. Poppers' feedback is our guiding light, and addressing the high transaction fee on Ethereum was on our priority list. With this latest Pop Social Ecosystem development, we hope you enjoy a much more streamlined experience when it comes to your Pop NFTs.

Our NFT bridging process is designed to be transparent and hassle-free for all our users. Moving forward, all Poppers will enjoy the primary benefit of bridging to the BNB Chain and reducing transaction fees for their Pop NFTs. Please be aware that all users' Pop NFTs will retain their value and authenticity, just on a more cost-effective blockchain.

What Does This Mean for Pop NFT Holders?

As Poppers know, Pop NFTs were initially released on the Ethereum chain. The Ethereum chain is home to the first NFTs ever minted and offers a familiar and reputed blockchain to mint Pop NFTs. However, the transaction costs of the chain proved to be more challenging as the months went by.

To address the growing transaction fees on Ethereum, the Pop Social team needed to come up with a more cost-efficient solution for Pop NFT holders. As the Pop Social Ecosystem began its journey on the BNB Chain, the solution was simple. Hence, we will initiate the NFT bridging process of transferring all Pop NFTs from Ethereum to the BNB Chain.

Once the process of NFT bridging is completed, all Pop NFT owners can now take advantage of the different features the BNB Chain offers. In this case, the primary goal is to reduce transaction costs, also known as gas fees. In particular, Ethereum's high gas fees make trading NFTs expensive, while the BNB Chain offers a more economical alternative.

How Does the Pop NFT Bridging Process Work?

The NFT bridging process will be handled seamlessly by the very capable Pop Tech team. More so, this process will not require any technical action from our users. In detail, the process works as follows:

  1. Technical Preparation: The Pop Team prepares the new contracts on the BNB Chain and ensures it's ready to support our Pop NFTs.
  2. User Notification: Users are informed about the bridging process and what it means for them.
  3. Bridging: All Pop NFTs are transferred from Ethereum to the BNB Chain. This process is handled by our team, to make it seamless for all Pop NFT holders.
  4. Airdrop Into Holders' BNB Chain Wallets: To ensure a seamless transition, the Pop NFTs will be airdropped directly into their holders' BNB Chain wallets, requiring no action from your side.
  5. Finalization: Users are notified once their Pop NFTs are successfully bridged to the BNB Chain. You can now enjoy lower transaction fees.

When Will Pop NFTs Arrive on the BNB Chain?

Later this week, once completed, prepare to experience significantly lower fees for buying, selling, and transferring all your Pop NFTs!

Trading Pause

  • March 19, 8:00 AM UTC: Temporary pause in trading on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure a smooth transition.


  • March 19, 1:00 PM UTC: Snapshot of current NFT holdings on Ethereum. This snapshot will serve as the basis for distributing NFTs on BNB.

Poppers will experience a temporary pause for token claiming during the migration time slot. This means that between 1-2 PM UTC, Poppers cannot claim tokens.

Would you like to mint more Cool Cappys or Popbits? Or would you prefer to see a whole new Pop NFT collection to celebrate this monumental NFT bridging milestone on Pop Social? Share your thoughts on Twitter and Discord!

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