Pop Social and ConsenSys Band Together to Boost Building for Web3 Acceleration
April 24, 2024

Pop Social and ConsenSys Band Together to Boost Building for Web3 Acceleration

Pop Social has been selected to join the ConsenSys Startup Program and will be building together.

In a delightful early announcement, Pop Social is ecstatic to confirm that our Web3 social gateway project has been selected to join the esteemed ConsenSys Startup Program! This collaboration unlocks an exciting array of opportunities to learn and grow alongside top-tier market leaders. We look forward to working together with sensational Web3 builders from the bustling world of ConsenSys.

Pop Social continues to strike crucial partnerships in the Web3 space and this offering by ConsenSys to support high-profile early-stage ventures and its founders on their building journey in Web3 is another high honor for Pop Social. We look forward to bringing excellent updates within the Pop Social ecosystem for our most valuable assets, our beloved users.

Pop Social joins the ConsenSys Startup Program

By onboarding the ConsenSys Startup Program, we will be leveling up our building journey by working together with their teams. We are incredibly grateful to have been selected by ConsenSys and are certain that all our future accomplishments will be in no small part thanks to the recognition and support we are now receiving from their expert team.

The support from having joined the ConsenSys Startup Program entails not only access to their product but also a boost when it comes to gaining more visibility in the space. This collaboration unlocks a portal and gateway to the wonderful world of ConsenSys for talented builders in Web3, and our team is eager to get started!

The ConsenSys Startup Program will have us working closely with their team on a 12-month journey of building with ConsenSys via its products and teams, to get support and help on anything from infrastructure over tech to investment. We are humbled to have been chosen as a strong foundational project for this program and are eager to see how far we can go with this industry-grade assistance from ConsenSys.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements Poppers! We're just getting started.

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