Pop Social Approaches the Promised Day, Get Ready For Mainnet Launch!
April 24, 2024

Pop Social Approaches the Promised Day, Get Ready For Mainnet Launch!

Pop Social will migrate to the BSC mainnet on October 24. Claim all test PPT before October 22.

Loyal Poppers across the world, your long-awaited day has finally arrived. After a long, hard, and fulfilling journey, get ready to bask in the radiance of the promised day! The Pop Social Ecosystem is preparing to make a historic leap. We are finally making the shift from testnet to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet!

So, here's how it's going to go. Grab your PPT test tokens and pay close attention to all the steps. This is a crucial milestone not just for our ecosystem and our team, but for you, our most precious community. Get ready to strap in, follow the instructions, and we'll see you on the other side Poppers!

Migration Date

Pop Social will make its switch to the BSC mainnet on October 24, 2023.

Grayscale Release

Before the mainnet migration, from October 22 to October 23, we will carry out a grayscale release. This essential step is designed to rigorously test all functions and ensure a seamless transition. During this brief period, the token earning functionality will be temporarily unavailable.

Claim Your PPT Test Tokens

Starting from October 22, all PPT test token redemption codes will no longer be valid. If you have any test tokens that are yet to be claimed, we strongly recommend claiming them before October 22, or all unclaimed test PPT will be lost as they will be cleared after the mainnet launch. Once we have successfully transitioned to the mainnet, the redemption codes for mainnet PPT will be accessible after a period of one month.

Token Earning Function

Following a successful migration to the BSC mainnet, the token earning function will be fully operational, allowing you to earn mainnet tokens. However, it's essential to note that Pop Social will be actively working on listing PPT on exchanges around this time. To facilitate a smooth listing process and ensure sustainable growth, the claiming function will be temporarily paused for approximately one month. This pause is a strategic move to help optimize the token listing process.

PPT Airdrop

All the test PPT you've earned on your Pop Social journey will be reflected in your Pop Wallet as Legacy PPT tokens. The airdrop will take place roughly two months after our token listing. The conversion rate for the airdrop will be fine-tuned and adjusted based on market dynamics and token valuation, ensuring that all participants receive a fair and equitable distribution of tokens.

It truly is a magnificent time to be part of the Pop Social community. As always, we are incredibly grateful for having you take this journey with us. Let's keep shooting for the move and take Pop Social and PPT beyond the stars together Poppers!

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