Pop Social Brings Value to Dedicated Poppers, Level Up With Unclaimed $PPT on the Pop DApp
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Brings Value to Dedicated Poppers, Level Up With Unclaimed $PPT on the Pop DApp

Level up your Pop Social account with unclaimed $PPT to unlock exciting perks on the Pop DApp.

Greeting Poppers! It's been a busy few weeks hasn't it? The back-to-back releases of our Pop Genesis NFT Collection, The Popbits, and the Cool Cappys collection sure kept our team busy. As always, we want to bring the best utilities to our users whilst delivering a well-balanced platform where our ecosystem provides the greatest means for creators and users to innovate and thrive together.

To do so, we're making sure the Pop DApp comes with exciting tools and functions to bring your passion and personality to life! With every new update, our team brings more functionalities to you on the Pop DApp via promising tools such as NFT, Soulbound digital assets, and the lifeblood of the Pop Social Ecosystem, the Pop Token ($PPT). The latest of these functionalities include the ability to level up your account on the Pop App using unclaimed $PPT!

Level Up With Unclaimed $PPT

Earning $PPT for spending time and engaging with the Pop DApp is arguably the #1 perk of the Pop Social ecosystem. All our users should be rewarded for their time and dedication to our platform. This was always and still is one of our core values, to give value in exchange for the value you bring to the ecosystem. However, we hit a snag in the road when we faced challenges for severe bot presence.

To combat this, and to protect genuine users, we introduced our NFT collections. Now, real users can claim their hard-earned $PPT by holding a Popbit Genesis NFT or a Cool Cappy NFT! Both collections are limited and can be minted at a low price. This was a conscious decision we made to protect the ecosystem and our users from bots. Still, we understand that users may not always have the means to bag an NFT. Thus, the latest functionality of leveling up with unclaimed $PPT was introduced.

How to Level Up on the Pop DApp

Why Level Up on the Pop DApp?

A huge part of leveling up on the Pop DApp is to unlock additional perks on the Pop Social ecosystem. Currently, 50 account levels are waiting to be discovered by all our users. Each level will bring you something new to elevate your on-chain experience.

A guaranteed privilege at each level is an earning boost. That's right, this means with every level up, you can earn $PPT on the platform at a faster rate. Therefore, the higher your level, the more $PPT you can earn.

Besides this, you can unlock other fun perks as you shoot through each new level. For example, you could unlock a set of free transactions, claim exclusive and limited edition Pop Social merch, gain access to exclusive limited edition Pop Social NFTs, encounter unexpected Treasure Chests, and much more.

The most important part of the Level Up feature is that you will contribute towards the health of the Pop Social Ecosystem. By leveling up, there will always be a healthy flow of Pop Tokens into the Pop Social Ecosystem. This is why every Level Up rewards you with an earning boost. For giving back to the ecosystem, the ecosystem will continue to reward you.

Understanding $PPT Emission

We hear you Poppers, you spend a lot of time on the Pop DApp, and you complete all your daily missions, yet, your $PPT earnings aren't what you were expecting. Let's take a moment and understand how $PPT emissions work.

Currently, the system works in equally dividing emissions between users and creators. This is further influenced by the number of active users on the Pop DApp per day. That is, the number of $PPT emitted per day is determined by the number of active users per day. Thus, the number of concurrent users on the platform would also affect your $PPT earnings for that day.

This means your chances of earning more $PPT will practically double if you remain active as both a creator and a user on the Pop DApp. By creating more content and increasing your engagement levels, your earned $PPT rate will certainly see a significant boost!

Why Hold a Pop NFT?

Pop NFTs come with a special suite of perks. The greatest of which is the ability to claim your hard-earned $PPT. In addition, you also get priority access to NFT accessories, exclusive badges to showcase your authenticity and loyalty to the Pop cause, and instant access to exclusive Pop Social merch! Depending on which NFT you hold, you can even gain the title of a Founding Member of the Pop DAO.

Build Your Pop NFT Collection

Another reason to hold a Pop NFT is to reinvent your online social persona. You can reflect your personality through your Popbit or Cool Cappy NFT. Each collection comes with its own unique NFT accessories. Eventually, you can build a collection of unique NFT accessories. When paired with a rare NFT, you can boost the value of your NFT and make a pretty sweet display in the NFT market. The chance to gain rare NFT accessories goes up based on the Pop NFTs you hold.

Level Up Your Pop Social Experience Now

There's so much to do on the Pop Social ecosystem and still so much to come! Grab your Popbits, Cool Cappys, and claim your $PPT now! Prepare for what's to come. Pop will soon make plenty more exciting announcements and you'll want to be on a higher level to reap the benefits on the Pop DApp. Prioritize leveling up on the Pop DApp today for a more exciting tomorrow on the Pop Social Ecosystem! The future is gonna be poppin!

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