Pop Social Enters a New Era, Welcome Layer 3 Pop Chain With Powerful AI Core Technology
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Enters a New Era, Welcome Layer 3 Pop Chain With Powerful AI Core Technology

Pop Social makes ground-breaking reveals of BASE migration and Layer 3 Pop Chain powered by AI core technology.

The Web3 industry is heading into a new age led by the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. To match the fast-paced industry with its ever-growing technology and deliver cutting-edge solutions in real-time to our users, Pop Social has pivoted our strategy to combine the best of what the Web3 space has to offer and integrate it with the exciting possibilities of AI technology.

A core distinction in what you can expect soon for Pop Social is a spotlight on decentralization and the arrival of exciting state-of-the-art AI features. Our decentralized and secure solutions will eliminate pivotal issues that plague the SocialFi space including data breaches, privacy concerns, inequitable monetization, algorithmic biases, and lack of user control over their content. We aim to decentralize the world’s creativity like Ethereum has decentralized the internet.  

Now, Pop Social is entering our next phase of technological revolution with AI at its core. Our next steps to improve user experience and deliver a futuristic platform to boost the creator economy will delight our users like never before. Let's explore what changes you can expect in the coming months.

The Roadmap

Through democratizing content ownership and powering the AI creator economy, Pop Social aims to bring the next billion users to Web3. We are revolutionizing social interactions by introducing decentralized creator neural agent networks, a global AI-native developer ecosystem, ZK-enabled verifiable social credentials, social attention mining consensus mechanism, and decentralized and permissionless content ownership.

Pop Social is bringing a whole new suite of excitement for all our users, content creators worldwide, developers looking to tap into the potential of SocialFi, and NFT and GameFi enthusiasts. Let's start with a closer look at the technological improvements on our roadmap.

Explore Technological Feats

Pop Social will soon migrate to Base Chain, an Ethereum layer 2 built on Optimism that focuses on interoperability, security, and decentralization. This will allow Pop Social to scale at an unprecedented pace, lower transaction fees by more than 50%, and support the launch of Pop Chain, a modular layer 3 AI social app chain focused on scaling social-based payments, AI, and gaming transactions.  

Pop Social will create a fair, open AI network and support the global AI-native developer ecosystem. Pop Social is building an open and compatible development platform that allows creators to call different models and external APIs using the same method. We will also enable third-party model providers and API providers to integrate their services into the platform for developer use.

Creators skilled in coding can use native workflows for development, while those less proficient can quickly realize their ideas using the platform's modular interface. Poppers will soon see a platform that promotes application creation and distribution paired with a transparent reward distribution mechanism.

Harness AI Prowess

With this massive shift in our ecosystem, users on Pop Social will soon see exciting AI features making their debut on the platform. These features include the AI Avatar and Chatbot, a unique companion on Pop Social that learns and adapts based on user interactions and content followings whilst analyzing user data and preferences to deliver personalized responses and engagement. The chatbot can even be trained and optimized to provide customized user engagements, such as educating users about Web3 technology, providing community support, curating content, and much more.

Another feature to explore is the AI UGC Creator Tools that will eliminate the barriers to content creation. Creators worldwide can seamlessly tap into creating AI art and mint it on-chain to leverage the immense potential of blockchain technology. These tools will enable lightning-fast text-to-image and text-to-video functionalities leveraging Sora, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and many more AI-driven technologies.

In addition, the Pop Social AI NFT Generator aims to simplify and streamline the NFT creation process by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. The AI NFT Generator complements abstract thinking and brings arbitrary concepts to life. To ensure accessibility, the Pop Social AI UGC NFT Generator has been designed with a cost structure that is significantly more affordable than traditional methods.

Access Unique Benefits

The Pop Social ecosystem will introduce new and incredibly capable protocols that will redefine decentralization in the space using AI technology.

  • Social Attention Mining (SAM) Mechanism - Pop Social’s unique SAM mechanism enables users and creators to contribute to the attention economy through social hash power that powers the decentralized attention mining ecosystem. This allows users to participate in attention mining and earn rewards based on their social contribution.
  • AI UGC Creator Tools - Boost your creativity with AI-driven tools for user-generated content creation, making it easier for creators to produce and mint AI art and NFTs.
  • AI Avatar and Chatbot Integration - Get acquainted with your personalized AI avatars and chatbots to enhance user interaction, provide guidance, and deliver tailored content recommendations.
  • Decentralized and Permissionless Content Ownership - Leverage blockchain technology to allow creators to maintain ownership and control over their content in a decentralized, censorship-resistant manner.
  • On-Chain Content and Decentralized Cloud Storage - Enjoy massive cloud storage and manage your data securely on-chain and through decentralized cloud storage solutions. Leverage blockchain technology to allow creators to maintain ownership and control over their content in a decentralized, censorship-resistant manner.
  • ZK-Enabled Verifiable Social Credentials - Utilize zero-knowledge proofs to create secure, verifiable credentials for social interactions and transactions.
  • Permissionless Smart Contracts and Decentralized Governance Models - Implement smart contracts and decentralized governance to ensure transparent, fair, and community-driven content moderation and policy-making.
  • Decentralized Creator Neural Agent Network - All creator and user data generated from Pop Social will be used to power and train decentralized AI models using platform data and algorithms functioning in decentralized manner. Through neural agent networks, these models will prioritize user privacy and ensure that AI's benefits are distributed more evenly across the network. This protocol will give users more control over their data.
  • Global AI-Native Developer Ecosystem - Foster a developer community by providing tools and platforms for creating and integrating AI applications and external APIs.
  • AI Creator Ecosystem Development Fund - Pop Social will launch a 10 million PPT AI Creator Ecosystem Development Fund aimed to scale the Pop ecosystem and provide grants for developers building open-source AI models and creator tools, enabling collaborative intelligence for the next billion users.
  • Permissionless Decentralized Content Storage - Leveraging decentralized cloud storage networks and harnessing the power of on-chain content minting empowers creators worldwide to access their data in a decentralized, censorship-resistant, and permissionless manner, enabling true content ownership.

Unlock Layer 3 Pop Chain

The Pop Chain is a modular layer 3 AI social app chain focused on scaling social-based payments, AI, and gaming transactions. Pop Nodes will support the AI application blockchain layer through the proof-of-stake framework and allow anyone to run a Pop Node to become a network node operator and receive network rewards.

This will enable developers to build scalable, secure applications on verifiable, low-latency data feeds. Access real-time, trusted on-chain data to power Web3 apps and build with confidence on proven, enterprise-grade data availability APIs. Pop Chain brings Web3 into the GenAI era and enables lightning-fast transactions at almost zero cost for the next billion users.

Pop Nodes will help monitor the Pop Chain and protect it from malicious actors. These nodes can be run on any community members' devices or cloud instances. Node operators will receive $PPT rewards for maintaining the Pop Chain and rewards can be boosted upon increased staking. The Pop Chain will share more details in-depth in the coming weeks. Expect to learn about new roles in the exciting new Pop Social ecosystem.

All in all, Pop Social is building the ultimate AI social platform infrastructure to accelerate the pace of Web3 abstraction and mass adoption. By taking the many exciting steps mentioned above, we are turning Pop Social into a magnificent decentralized network with high security, and infinite potential, all for you.

Pop Social has always made our intention to empower all our users and creators clear. Get ready to experience an AI-powered SocialFi platform like never before. We look forward to seeing all of you dive into a whole new realm of untapped potential and infinite possibilities and truly make Pop Social yours Poppers!

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