Pop Social Joins Forces With Chainlink BUILD
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Joins Forces With Chainlink BUILD

Pop Social joins the Chainlink BUILD program. See what this means and what to expect next.

Pop is delighted to announce that we are officially joining forces with the Chainlink BUILD program! By being welcomed into this program, the Pop Social Ecosystem will see exponential growth and inevitable long-term adoption of our Web3 social media experience by tapping into Chainlink's industry-leading technical support and services.

Pop Social joins Chainlink's BUILD program

In the long run, our active collaboration will yield greater global interest and adoption in blockchain growth. By incentivizing Pop DApp users to monetize their time, we will also boost crypto economic activity and security. In addition, the BUILD program will provide an equivalent exchange of users entering each ecosystem.

Pop Social offers a unique set of users. By engaging in the BUILD initiative, we are deepening our collaboration with Chainlink, reaping the advantages of top-priority assistance from the Chainlink ecosystem, expanding exposure to Web3 users actively seeking simplified access, and reinforcing alignment of incentives between the Pop Social Ecosystem and Chainlink communities.

Our conviction stems from the assurance that elevated support, fortified off-chain services, and the robust backing of Chainlink's active community will serve as driving forces. Together, we can expedite the recognition of Pop Social and facilitate the integration of Web3 perks in the social media realm.

What Is the BUILD Program?

The BUILD program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to propel budding and established projects within the Chainlink ecosystem. BUILD offers an avenue for enhanced access to Chainlink services and technical support, and Pop is thrilled to be the latest addition to the program. In return, we commit network fees and other incentives to Chainlink service providers, creating a symbiotic relationship that cultivates lasting prosperity for both ecosystems.

BUILD serves as a gateway for emerging projects to integrate Chainlink services early in their journey, enabling secure and advanced DApp development even before widespread adoption. Simultaneously, it accelerates the progress of established Chainlink ecosystem projects with growing user bases.

Chainlink's distinctive positioning amplifies the impact of BUILD. With a thriving user base spanning Web2 and Web3, an active community of experts, and a versatile, blockchain-agnostic tech stack, Chainlink empowers hybrid smart contract use cases. This makes the BUILD program an ideal opportunity for the Pop Social team.

Pop Social Inches Closer to Mainnet Launch

Pop Social saw explosive growth in the Pop community over the past few weeks. So far, Pop has established many partnerships and integrations to continue its rapid growth. We are excited to see where the BUILD program will take us next. As we inch closer to our mainnet launch, we have many exciting announcements for our community.

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