Pop Social Presents 'PNS Mint Mania' a Thrilling Launch Event for all PNS Minters
April 24, 2024

Pop Social Presents 'PNS Mint Mania' a Thrilling Launch Event for all PNS Minters

Pop Social celebrates its Soulbound PNS launch with massive prizes via the exciting PNS Mint Mania event.

The time has come for Pop Social to launch its second Soulbound asset. This non-tradeable token is brought to you by the Pop Name Service (PNS). Our groundbreaking PNS feature will bring you a whole new suite of perks. To celebrate our latest milestone, we're having a launch event like you've never seen before!

Certainly, this is one celebration you do not want to miss Poppers! Are you ready to mint your PNS in the Pop DApp and become part of the Web3 revolution? Well, now is the best time to get your PNS because, through our exciting 'PNS Mint Mania' campaign, you could be one of the Lucky 100 to claim an incredible prize package that includes:

  • $1,000 Worth of PPT Tokens: Picture what you could achieve with this substantial crypto reward. The world of Web3 is at your fingertips, and this prize could be your ticket to exciting opportunities.
  • 1 x Exclusive Pop Figurine: Add a touch of Pop to your surroundings with an exclusive Popbit Figurine that's as unique as you are. It's more than just a collectible, it's a piece of Pop Social to always keep close in the physical realm.
  • 1 x Pop T-Shirt: Wear your Pop pride with style! Our exclusive Pop t-shirt will make you an idol in the eyes of the Web3 global community. Let everyone know you're an essential part of the Pop community.
  • 1 x Legendary Popbit Genesis NFT: Own a piece of Web3 history with a legendary Popbit Genesis NFT. It's more than digital art, it's a masterpiece that showcases your early connection and profound bond to the world of Pop Social.
  • WL for All Upcoming Events: Never miss out again! Enjoy the exclusive privilege of a whitelist spot for all upcoming Pop events and launches. Be among the first to experience the latest innovations from Pop Social.
Join PNS Mint Mania to be one of the Lucky 100 to claim our epic prize package

How to Participate in PNS Mint Mania? Simply Mint Your PNS Now!

Participating in the exciting PNS Mint Mania campaign is as easy as minting your PNS in the Pop DApp. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started and increase your chances of winning:

  1. Download the Pop Dapp and Mint Your Pop ID: Visit the Pop DApp, download it if you haven't already, and mint your unique Pop ID under your profile. This is your ticket to entering the contest.
  2. Tweet About Your PNS: Share your excitement with the world! Tweet about your newly minted Pop Name Service (PNS) using the hashtags #PopNameService and #PopPNS. Let your followers know about your journey into Web3.
  3. Keep an Eye Out for the Announcement: We'll randomly select 100 PNS Minters to receive our incredible prize package, so make sure to follow all our social and community channels so you won't miss the announcement of the Lucky 100 winners.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the Pop Name Service (PNS) PNS Mint Mania launch to win big with Pop. Mint your PNS today and make your mark in the Web3 world! The revolution is here, and it's time for you to be a part of it. Join us on this incredible journey, and you might just be one of the Lucky 100 winners of our fantastic prize package.

Get minting and prepare to celebrate with Pop Social!

Download the Pop DApp:

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