Pop Social Set To Drop Pop Genesis NFT Collection With Popbit Cybeast Clan
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Set To Drop Pop Genesis NFT Collection With Popbit Cybeast Clan

The Pop Social Dapp is set to debut its Pop Genesis NFT Coleection with the Popbit Pop NFT Collection.

A big element of the Pop social media app for Web3 is the Pop NFT collection. The Pop Social Ecosystem hosts a sustainable economic model run by its native Pop Token (PPT). Furthermore, PPT is supported by the Pop NFT collection and the Pop Treasury, all these elements in tandem work in harmony to keep the Pop Social Ecosystem running smoothly. In addition, the active contribution made by creators and users will further help bring value and keep value flowing on the Pop Social platform.

The Pop DApp is built on the BNB smart chain. Now, thanks to integration, it is also running on Polygon as well. The Pop Social Ecosystem is a multi-chain platform and will soon be available on multiple blockchain networks. Presently, Pop Social is running on testnets. Soon we will shift to the mainnet and all Pop Social users will be able to access non-test PPT and Pop NFTs. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Pop Social will release its first Pop Genesis NFT collection.

The Pop NFT Collection is inspired by rich lore grounded in Cyberpunk themes. Each NFT collection has a core value influenced by Pop Universe's lore. We will launch each collection steadily in time. You may have had a glimpse into our larger NFT collection from our community and social media channels, but which Pop NFT Collection will make its debut as the first-ever Pop Genesis NFT Collection on the Pop DApp? Which collection would you like it to be?

Before we reveal the winning collection to debut as the Pop Genesis NFT Collection, let's take a moment to understand the Pop NFT Collection.

Meet Pop Social's Pop NFT Collection

Pop Social's Pop NFTs have been an exciting and long-awaited aspect for the Pop Social community. We've been talking about our NFTs long before the beta version of the Pop Social app. The hype has been building for a while and we've announced the Dynamic NFT functionality, only to further fuel this hype! Pop Social's Dynamic NFTs are a way to personalize your Pop Social NFTs. The Pop Genesis NFT collection will do just this.

Pop Social's NFT Collection is a three-tiered collection. Inspired by the characters of the Pop Universe, the Pop Social DApp will steadily welcome every clan that lives in CyberCity as Pop Social NFTs. The three-tiers Pop NFT Collection exists as the main characters Cyphers, human clans who explore and rediscover the secrets hidden away in the ancient pockets of CyberCity, Cybeats, anthropomorphized animals native to CyberCity, and Cypals, anthropomorphized objects newly discovered in CyberCity.

Cyphers traveled from far and wide until they found CyberCity. They consist of many clans different clans that value unique characteristics and work in harmony with their fellow CyberCitizens. Cybeasts lived peacefully in CyberCity before the arrival of Cyphers. However, they were bored and eagerly welcomed their new neighbors. Cybeasts were influenced by the style and technology Cyphers brought to CyberCity and were happy to let them take the lead as they get to relax more in style. Meanwhile, Cypals began popping up all over CyberCity shortly after the arrival of Cyphers. They are simply happy to assist and travel alongside their fellow CyberCitizens.

Meet Pop Social's Pop NFT Collection

You will meet all the clans of CyberCity in person soon. With Cyphers being top tier, Cybeasts being mid-tier, and Cypals being low tier, there's a lot for you to discover in the Pop Social Ecosystem. Functionally, Cyphers can unlock full NFT utilities, Cybeasts come with some restrictions, and Cypals with the least. The latter two can be paired with higher-tiered NFTs to unlock full Pop Social NFT utilities.

Pop Social Debut's the Pop Genesis NFT Collection

Pop Social is eager to announce that the first of the Pop Genesis NFT Collection will make its debut very soon. In detail, Pop Genesis NFTs are a collection of digital PFPs that encapsulate the essence of creativity and innovation at Pop. Each Genesis NFT is a unique piece of content that can be combined, customized, and transformed through a composable framework.

Pop Social's Genesis NFTs offer a dynamic experience to their owners, allowing them to engage in creative exploration by remixing and rearranging the underlying elements. With a focus on gaming and interactivity, Pop Genesis NFTs empower collectors to actively participate in the evolution of their digital art collection, fostering a sense of ownership, creative expression, and a fun way to boost their engagement earnings.

In particular, Pop Social's Pop Genesis NFT collection will act as dynamic NFTs that'll boost its owner's capacity to earn more PPT in a shorter time. In a way, these dynamic Pop Genesis NFTs will level up your Pop profile and showcase your style and personality through a stylish digital PFP. The first Pop Genesis NFT to make its debut will be a Cybeast NFT courtesy of the Popbit clan. This Pop Genesis NFT collection features 10,000 initial Pop Genesis NFT PFPs and will later introduce a collection of 30,000 accessories as rewards for engaged Pop community members. All NFT accessories will be tradeable in the Pop NFT Marketplace.

The Pop NFT Marketplace has been open since the release of the Pop Social Pop 2.0 version. After launching the first Pop Genesis NFT, you can actively participate in the Pop NFT Marketplace to welcome the flood of Pop Genesis NFT accessories that will certainly flood into the Pop NFT Marketplace. Later on, we will release more Pop NFT Collection, starting with a Cypher Pop NFT Collection.

Pop Social Debut's the Pop Genesis NFT Collection

Are you ready for Pop Social to release the first of the Pop Genesis NFT Collection? Well, Popbit is certainly getting ready to meet you! Popbits are a special type of Cybeasts. Unlike the other Cybeasts that live in CyberCity before the arrival of the Cyphers, Popbits kept their clan a secret from the other Cybeasts as well. Known for their harmless pranks, Popbits lived deep in the forests of CyberCity and used long-forgotten underground tunnels to transport themselves and cause harmless mischief across the city.

However, once they made their presence known to all new and old citizens of CyberCity, Popbits joined the community and began to contribute as well. As genesis natives, Popbits are now known by the other clans as the clan that throws legendary community parties. In honor of the Genesis Cybeast clan, Popbits will be the first Pop Genesis NFT Collection to make its debut. This concept encourages early adopters and communities who wish to celebrate their joining the Pop Universe.

The Popbit Pop Genesis NFT launch will happen in three phases. Phase 1 will drop 10,000 Popbit NFT avatars as Pop Social PFPs. Early joiners, top Pop Social engagers, and top inviters will have higher chances of bagging the Popbit Pop Genesis NFTs. This drop will take place over 15 days and will include standard layers including 10 traits each for mouth, eyes, fur, and background designs. Phase 2 will drop 24,000 new common and rare trait layers, this will go for 30 days. Finally, Phase 3 will drop 6,000 rare and super rare Popbit traits.

Discover Dynamic Popbit Genesis NFTs on Pop Social

You can stack your Popbit PFP with dynamic accessories to increase the value of your Pop Genesis NFT. Utility-wise, this NFT can be amped based on the rarity factor and power. Your Dynamic Pop Social NFT can be fortified with NFT accessories. Find a legendary combination of Popbit and accessories to increase your Pop Social Popbit PFP score. Set this powered-up Popbit Genesis NFT to boost your PPT earning capabilities. The more rare the Popbit and its accessories, the more power your account gets, and the more PPT you can earn.

Download the Pop social media app for web3 now and prepare to snag your limited edition, exclusive Pop Genesis NFT in the form of Popbit PFPs on the Pop Social DApp soon!

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