Pop Social Unveils New Age Litepaper Detailing Layer 3 Pop Chain and AI Future
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Unveils New Age Litepaper Detailing Layer 3 Pop Chain and AI Future

Pop Social releases updated litepaper detailing the New Age strategic ecosystem shift, read on for more details.

Pop Social is pleased to share the grand unveiling of the Pop Social New Age Litepaper. Driven by the changing dynamics in the Web3 and AI industries, Pop Social has pivoted its strategic roadmap to incorporate new cutting-edge features and state-of-the-art AI technological upgrades.

Besides a more powerful AI core, Pop Social's New Age shift will also shine the spotlight on a more decentralized ecosystem approach. This will give developers a more active role to play in the SocialFi ecosystem while content creators and consumers can explore more possibilities using AI to leverage the content economy.

Most importantly, Pop Social will launch the Layer 3 Pop Chain which will bring more power to Pop Social users across the world. By decentralizing our AI SocialFi Ecosystem, we're bringing more power to the users. To further fortify the ecosystem Pop Social will also bring a whole new suite of exciting upgrades such as the introduction of decentralized creator neural agent networks, a global AI-native developer ecosystem, ZK-enabled verifiable social credentials, a social attention mining consensus mechanism, and decentralized permissionless content ownership.

Web and Blockchain Updates

Pop Social will soon migrate to the Base Chain, an Ethereum layer 2 built on Optimism. This will enhance interoperability, security, and decentralization for Pop Social. Most importantly, it brings scalability, which will reduce transaction fees by over 50%, and support the launch of Pop Chain, a modular layer 3 AI social app chain focused on social-based payments, AI, and gaming transactions.

The Pop Chain will be supported by Pop Nodes. The nodes support the AI application blockchain layer through a proof-of-stake framework, allowing anyone to run a Pop Node and earn rewards. All in all, this strategic pivot will enable developers to build scalable, secure applications on verifiable, low-latency data feeds.

AI Updates

Prepare to interact with Pop Social's AI Avatar and Chatbot. With this significant shift, Pop Social will soon introduce exciting AI features, such as the AI Avatar and Chatbot. The AI Avatar is your unique companion that will learn and adapt based on your interactions and content preferences to deliver personalized responses and engagements. Meanwhile, the chatbot can be optimized to provide customized user engagements, such as educating users about Web3 technology, offering community support, curating content, and more.

As for the innovative AI UGC Creator Tools, they will enable creators worldwide to generate AI art and mint it on-chain, leveraging the immense potential of blockchain technology. The tools will support lightning-fast text-to-image and text-to-video functionalities using technologies like Sora, ChatGPT, and Midjourney.

Additional Advantages

  • Social Attention Mining (SAM) Mechanism - Pop Social’s unique SAM mechanism enables users and creators to contribute to the attention economy through social hash power.
  • Decentralized and Permissionless Content Ownership - Leverage blockchain technology to for creators to maintain ownership and control over their content.
  • On-Chain Content and Decentralized Cloud Storage - Gain access to massive cloud storage and manage your data securely on-chain.
  • ZK-Enabled Verifiable Social Credentials - Utilize zero-knowledge proofs to create secure, verifiable credentials for social interactions and transactions.
  • Permissionless Smart Contracts and Decentralized Governance Models - Ensure transparent, fair, and community-driven content moderation and policy-making.
  • Decentralized Creator Neural Agent Network -  These models will prioritize user privacy and ensure that AI's benefits are distributed more evenly across the network.
  • Global AI-Native Developer Ecosystem - Foster a developer community by providing tools and platforms for creating and integrating AI applications and external APIs.
  • AI Creator Ecosystem Development Fund - Aim to scale the Pop ecosystem and provide grants for developers building open-source AI models and creator tools.

Prepare to experience a SocialFi platform turbo-charged by AI technology to leverage the creator economy like never before! For more detailed information, check out our latest litepaper update. You can also visit the Tokenomics section on our Home page and click litepaper.

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