Pop Social Unveils the Pop DAO Initiative, Power to the Poppers!
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Unveils the Pop DAO Initiative, Power to the Poppers!

Pop Social unveils the Pop DAO, $PPT and Popbit Genesis NFT holders are in for a delightful treat.

The delights never end when you're a part of the Pop Social ecosystem! Poppers everywhere will be ecstatic to hear the latest reveal on our platform. Get ready to welcome the Pop Social DAO! Ever since the beginning of our journey, we've made it very clear how our ecosystem is built with the core focus of putting our users in the middle.

This move is made to empower our users and give you all a fair chance to share power and make decisions as one cohesive community. The Pop DAO initiative does precisely that. All users committed to the Pop Social cause and have proved their dedication and loyalty to the platform will gain a seat in the Pop DAO.

Perks and Purpose of the Pop DAO

The formation of the Pop DAO symbolizes the strength of giving power and control to a community-driven governance. This move embodies the very essence of Web3 principles, thereby empowering Poppers with Web3 qualities such as decentralization, transparency, and inclusivity.

Pop Social began with the mission of empowering our users by fostering innovation and putting transparency and accountability in the middle, with a decentralized model of governance. The Pop DAO brings exactly that and more. With the Pop DAO in power, every user will have an equal opportunity to influence and determine platform developments.

Guaranteeing the voices of our users is just the first step. Having your voices front and center will encourage increased and active engagements from the entire Pop Community. By doing so, each user can rejoice from a sense of ownership and bring more meaningful contributions to future interactions within the community, and ultimately, the Pop Social ecosystem.

Lastly, by incorporating diverse perspectives, the Pop DAO ensures that decisions reflect the collective desires and needs of the entire Pop Social community. This is a chance for everyone in the Pop community to stand together and elevate their future as well as the future of our collective platform.

Pop DAO Founding Members Club

To sweeten the deal, Pop Social is giving the first 10 Pop DAO members a Free Popbit NFT accessory. As a member of the Founding Members Club, you can enjoy the extra perks of entering whitelists, $PPT giveaways, gaining more Accessory NFTs, and perhaps even exclusive Pop merch! In addition to this, you will also join the exclusive Founding Member Discord Channel with Pop Team members, gain VVIP support rights, and enter exclusive airdrops and campaigns.

The doors are now open! The Pop Team will be accepting members for the Pop DAO over the next few weeks. So, get your $PPT or Popbit Genesis NFT holder status verified on Discord, then head to the DAO Founding Members channel on our official Discord and stay tuned!

Active Poppers Gain a Seat in the Pop DAO

For starters, we will begin with Popbit Genesis NFT and $PPT Holders. As a Popbit Genesis NFT and $PPT holder, you gain a front-row seat in the Pop DAO. To elaborate, a DAO in the crypto space refers to a decentralized autonomous organization. Thus, a DAO is a system developed to distribute decision-making, management, and entity ownership.

By giving dedicated and genuine users a seat in the Pop DAO, Poppers can decide what they want to see next in the Pop Social ecosystem. They will act as a senate of their own, taking all the roles from initiative to completion. As users who govern themselves, they get to see what the platform needs most and make that decision as one entity for the good of the ecosystem.

How Does the Pop DAO Work?

The Pop DAO acts as a government. There will be 3 main entities that contribute towards the population of the Pop DAO to exercise power within the Pop Social ecosystem. The first of these entities are the Poppers. This group hosts the general body of the Pop DAO.

To invite genuine users into the Pop DAO, you must either hold a Popbit Genesis NFT or you must hold 5,000 $PPT. Either should be verified via Discord bot for you to qualify. Poppers verified within the first 30 days of the Pop DAO launch will automatically be given the title 'Founding Member of the Pop DAO'.

Next in the hierarchy is the Pop Jury. This group consists of the top 50 $PPT stakers that are validated on-chain, Popbit Genesis NFT holders, and members of the Pop team. The last entity is the Pop Court, which consists of two members who are official Pop Social Discord moderators.

Head on to Pop Social's official Discord and connect your wallet to throw your hat in the ring NOW!

The Mechanics of the Pop DAO

Poppers will submit proposals on the [#dao-ideas] thread on the official Pop Social Discord channel. They will have two weeks to submit the month's proposals. Next, the Pop Jury will evaluate and screen submitted proposals on [#dao-jury]. The Jury will have one week to discuss and submit proposals that will then be sent for voting on [#dao-voting]. Poppers will have three days to vote on one proposal.

After three days, the Pop Jury, with some members of the Pop Team, will check on the winning proposal. The Pop Team must be involved in the process to check for the feasibility of the proposal, and if it will be beneficial to the whole ecosystem. Finally, at the end of the voting phase, the winning proposal will be sent to the [#announcements] channel for every Popper to see. All approved proposal announcements will be made in the first week of every month.

This leaves the role of the Pop Court which will act as a judicial body. It will interfere only when disputes arise at any time during the entire process.

Get Your Popbit Genesis NFT

Has the reveal of the Pop DAO structure got you feeling excited? Our team is certainly thrilled to finally be sharing this structure with our beloved community. Stay tuned for details on how to start staking your $PPT Poppers. Getting a seat in the Pop DAO is a crucial move for the future of the Pop Social ecosystem. We know how much you love it here and we want to give you a bigger slice of this digital cake.

While you wait for staking details, you can boost your chances to grab a Pop DAO seat by minting more Popbit Genesis NFTs. You can mint your Popbit Genesis NFT on our website for a low price, or head to Blur and Opensea to grab a particular one off the shelves. You can also pump your $PPT bag on our partnered exchanges BingX, Bitget, Bitmart, Bybit, Gate.io, and MEXC. Get started and prepare now Poppers for $PPT staking will be available to you before you know it!

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