Pop Token (PPT) Lists on MEXC Crypto Exchange, Join Kickstarter Event NOW
May 31, 2024

Pop Token (PPT) Lists on MEXC Crypto Exchange, Join Kickstarter Event NOW

The Pop Token (PPT) Listing and IDO phase is underway. Join MEXC's PPT Listing Kickstarter event.

Pop Social's exciting Token Listing and IDO phase is in full throttle! Accompanying our ongoing Bybit IDO is our PPT Listing on MEXC at 10:00 AM UTC, October 24, 2023. As a popular crypto exchange in the Web3 space, MEXC will initiate the PPT Listing in two specific stages.

The first stage is in the form of its Kickstarter event on October 23, 7:00 AM UTC. The latter is the Voting Result & Listing announcement on October 24, 7:10 AM UTC. The Kickstarter phase will give MEXC users and MX holders a chance to win $30,000 PPT and 20,000 USDT Airdrops. The more MX Tokens MEXC users commit, the more they will receive in airdrops.

How to Join MEXC Kickstarter

MEXC users can commit MX tokens to participate in voting and win free project airdrops. The maximum amount of MX you can commit depends on the MX balance in your Spot Wallet at the snapshot time (MEXC will take a random snapshot of users’ MX holdings during the snapshot period).

Holding at least 1,000 MX or more for 15 consecutive days before October 22, 16:00 (UTC) will make you eligible for this event. The voting period will take place between October 23, 7:00 AM UTC to October 24, 6:50 AM UTC. Trading will begin at 10:00 AM UTC, October 24, with deposits opened and withdrawals at 10:00 AM UTC, October 25.

Drop your votes for Pop Tokens (PPT) and commit your MX Tokens to win from a pool of $30,000 PPT and 20,000 USDT. You can commit between 1,000 MX to 500,000 MX. Your rewards will be proportionate to the amount of MX you commit. Thus, the higher the commitment, the higher your reward!

Successful commitments will only be used for reward calculation and your MX will not be frozen. The airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally within an hour according to users’ total votes once the event concludes.

MEXC Kickstarted Voting Result and Listing Arrangement

All participating MEXC users will receive PPT and USDT based on the MX Tokens they committed during the Kickstarter event. All rewards will be distributed to participants via Airdrop to your MEXC user account.

Stay tuned for more PPT IDO and Listing announcements. We'll see you at the Listing and IDO events Poppers. Let's take PPT to the moon together!

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