PopSocial Reveals Exclusive Creators Recruitment Program, Come Aboard!
May 31, 2024

PopSocial Reveals Exclusive Creators Recruitment Program, Come Aboard!

PopS Labs is buzzing with excitement about our latest news! We're happy to announce the official launch of our Pop Social Creators Recruitment Program. The PopSocial community has grown significantly since our initial closed alpha and beta phases. We are honored and humbled to see so many of you show your interest in the Pop Labs philosophy. Having met many of you at Consensus 2023, we are so grateful to have taken this journey with you. We hope to meet you once again as a Pop Social Creator!

Pop Social is a decentralized app built to deliver an optimized experience for Web3 social media. On our platform, content creators and consumers can thrive together in harmony. Since the Pop DApp's debut on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the organic growth of the Pop Social community has accelerated. We set out on our mission to empower creators everywhere. So, now is the time to shine the spotlight on you! If you're a creator with a dream, a vision, or a story to tell, we'd like to give you a special channel to leverage all the perks that PopSocial has to offer.

What Is the PopSocial Creators Recruitment Program?

As we prepare to widen our network to a whole other level, we are thrilled to declare the official commencement of the Pop Social Creator Program! With the intention of discovering comparable allies and key opinion leaders who will assist us in enlightening the public about PopSocial, disseminating knowledge, and stimulating ingenuity for the creator economy in the SocialFi and cryptocurrency domains.

Pop Social Creators will have a vital responsibility in nurturing the PopSocial community and communicating our outlook to the global audience. As an exclusive Pop Social Creator you can use your voice on and off the Pop DApp to post original content and drive interest to PopSocial and all its perks whilst simultaneously leveraging ownership and creator economy.

On PopSocial, your fans and followers can leverage this economy along with you as PopSocial rewards all kinds of user and creator engagements! Each PopSocial user receives a free personalized NFT the PopSocial community can explore and unlock the PopSocial NFT lore together. As the next-gen platform of social media for creators, PopSocial empowers all of its users to make the best of Web3 promises

Who Can Become a PopSocial Creator?

PopSocial would like to invite a variety of Pop Social Creators to its platform. We believe in an equal and fair share of the spotlight. PopSocial will give everyone a space to showcase their creativity, innovation, and unique voice. You can apply to become the first-ever team of exclusive Pop Social Creators if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Web3 community owner with over 500 member
  • Crypto content creator/influencer active on Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Medium, or Reddit with at least 1500 followers
  • Crypto professional who works with Web3 companies/projects, or is a project owner/advisor/developer
  • Die-hard PopSocial fan who wants to contribute

What Are the Responsibilities of PopSocial Creators?

Pop Social Creators will be advocates of PopSocial. You see the potential and promise of content ownership to leverage creator economy on the trusted, secure, and fun space that is the PopSocial Ecosystem. On PopSocial, both you and your followers can earn value in exchange for the value you bring to the platform. All your time, energy, and passion will be rewarded and all your intellectual property will be tied to you and only you.

With your creativity and work accounted for, your only responsibility as a Pop Social creator is to be an active and loud PopSocial fan by exhibiting the following:

Active Popper

Create exclusive or exquisite content on the Pop DApp on a daily basis.

Pop Evangelist

Create content that educates others and spread awareness about PopSocial on other social platforms.

Pop Our Community

Help organize or participate in PopSocial community events such as Pop N Talk, community games, online or IRL events, and AMAs

Structure & Rewards

Of course, all your dedication, creativity, and time will be recognized and rewarded by the PopSocial team and ecosystem. For Pop Social Creators in particular, PopSocial offers a tiered system that comprises of 3 levels. Here, rewards and responsibilities increase at each level. More details about responsibilities and rewards will be revealed after you enter the Pop Social Creators Program.

In a nutshell, as a Pop Social Creator, you will be required to accomplish diverse monthly tasks, including but not limited to, publishing exclusive content, promoting PopSocial events on your personal social media, creating articles, tutorials, and more. Upon completing the requisite tasks for Level 1, the PopSocial Creator will automatically be upgraded to a higher level.

How To Get Started

If the Pop Social Creators Program has piqued your interest, then you can apply to join now! Please fill out the form to apply for the Pop Social Creators Program. Our team will review it and get in touch with you as soon as we can. You can find out more in the next step of the recruitment process.

Please note that PopSocial reserves the right of the final interpretation of this event. Pop Social Creators must abide by the relevant management rules. To preserve the PopSocial brand, PopSocial has the right to cancel any Pop Social Creator’s honorary title and the right to enjoy the benefits if the Pop Social Creator violates the relevant rules.

PopSocial is beyond thrilled to see the launch of the Pop Social Creators program and we hope to see you as a Pop Social Creator soon! Apply today and make some noise on our official social and community channels!

Download Pop DApp:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store