Should Corporations Shift to Web3 Spaces in 2023?
May 31, 2024

Should Corporations Shift to Web3 Spaces in 2023?

There is much to leverage on Web3. Find out what corporations can gain from shifting to a Web3 ecosystem.

Would you say it is challenging for established corporations to stay relevant in the modern world? Some might say they have it easy. As an established brand, standing strong for decades and accompanied by a sweet flow of revenue as solid as its decades-long reputation, could paint a picture of easy success to many. The truth of the matter is, while it does seem easy now, most corporations had a much longer struggle. They only made it through because they did their best to adapt, change, and grow with the demands of their consumers and the needs of the market.

Certainly, many brands had to make huge changes to stay relevant, some even had to change the core value of their brands. Others, built a completely new product in comparison to what they initially set out to deliver. In our modern world, consumers rule. One of the best ways to show your consumers that your brand is growing with them is to take on the latest trends and innovations in technology. Many brands make use of VR and AR solutions to bring their consumers a few unique experiences. Don't be afraid to explore and incorporate new technologies. You never know what use cases you may discover. Spoiler alert: it'll definitely be thrilling.

Many corporations have adapted to survive since their foundation

Let's have a look at some big perks that come with adopting a Web3 ecosystem.

Secure Communication

Social media networks have given you the chance to speak on the same level with your audience. Meet them on a level playing field and establish an open two-way mode of communication. Be honest with them and make them feel heard. Social listening is all about hearing what they have to say and addressing them directly. If you are listening to them, you know exactly what they're looking for, now you can deliver. That's customer service at its best!

Pop understands this and goes a step further. Some customers may be shy about contacting you directly. On Pop, they can contact you anonymously behind their Web3 digital identity via Pop NFTs. With blockchain technology keeping track immutably, you can rest assured that no query will go amiss. Just remember to be kind and own up to your faults when they happen and your audience will see you as a genuine brand that truly cares for its people.

Recorded Responsibility

Every brand, big or small, has a social responsibility to the planet. With Web3 technology, you can keep an open record of these responsibilities. A great way to show your customers that you care, is to fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility and meet your Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance roles. Find causes that connect with your brand values and spend time and resources to truly help the cause. Take part or host relevant events and sponsor organizations that are fighting for the same causes. Pop gives you the chance to fulfil these roles.

Every corporation must fulfil their social duties to the planet and our society

For one, Pop gives its users the chance to govern the Pop ecosystem. With this ability to share and exercise decentralized power, active users holding $PGT can make decisions that will determine the future of Pop, and by extension, their own future in the ecosystem. In its later stages, Pop will introduce crowdfunding and the Pop Foundation to its ecosystem. With these features, Pop users can fund their own unique ideas and projects with the help of the community. Pop decision makers can even get a say over which charity the Pop Foundation will support periodically.

Trusted Community

What's most important in the current social era for corporations is the distinction of seeing your consumers as your community. You want to treat your audience as an extension of your own brand. They represent you and they can represent you very well if you're doing your part well. A great way to connect with the masses is to work with a few community leaders directly. Influencers already have the trust and faith of their followers. If one matches the values of your brand, then teaming up would be the ideal way to show the larger audience that your brand does indeed have a friendly face.

Pop will soon offer SoulBound Tokens (SBTs) this will help all parties involved to prove how genuine are their intentions and also to validate their work history. A SoulBound Token can not be replicated, nor can they be transferred. Once minted, it will remain with the owner forever. By holding a Pop SoulBound Token you can show your audience just how credible your achievements are. Similarly, by working with influencers and community leaders with relevant SoulBound Tokens, you can rest easy knowing that you have partnered with a trusted person.

Brands can partner with humble influencers who match their values

Personalized Experiences

By see what interests your audience, you can learn what makes them happy. See what fills them with passion and take these ideas and incorporate them to your brand. Is wellness and mental health big? Adapt your social media strategy to incorporate that tone of voice. Is a meme all the rage right now? Make a few relevant memes. Is a certain song  on everyone's mind? Make a fun video using it and add some funny filters. The same principle can be applied on Web3, especially with personalized NFTs.

Pop is all about giving creators a chance to create and own their unique content. The latest social media trends can be found here! It will bridge to multiple channels and so, will funnel in content from various sources. Pop also offers all the latest technology associated with Web3 innovation. You can always stay relevant on Pop by connecting to a global decentralized audience. The Pop NFT Marketplace allows you to mint and sell your own unique branded NFTs. This way, you will always have something unique, new, and personalized for your consumers.

These are just a few unique ways in which your brand will benefit from switching to a Web3 environment. Web3 is developing faster than ever and it is being adopted by brands at an even faster rate. Do not fear change, embrace it! Your brand has already made it so far. Let's keep going. Pop will help you seamlessly integrate into the world of Web3. Our ecosystem is built with simplicity in mind, so you don't have to sweat the highly technical parts.

Pop launched its closed beta testing round

Pop is currently in its beta testing phase. You can follow our social and community channels if you'd like to get a sneak peek into what the Pop ecosystem looks like. Our team is hard at work to build the ultimate Web3 gateway our community is waiting to see. Presently, we are giving USDT rewards for quality feedback. Tell us what you'd like to see from the Pop app by dropping your feedback and don't hold back! We look forward to seeing what you have to say.