Stake $PPT for Earnings Boosts and Unlock Exclusive Benefits on Pop Social
May 14, 2024

Stake $PPT for Earnings Boosts and Unlock Exclusive Benefits on Pop Social

Pop Social unveils its $PPT Staking feature on the Pop DApp. Stake $PPT to unlock exclusive ecosystem benefits.

The Pop Social Ecosystem is pleased to introduce our latest Pop DApp feature - the $PPT Staking mechanism! Staking is a fundamental part of the Web3 world. It empowers the ecosystem, gives back to the community, and brings greater value to an asset. By opening a staking mechanism to the Pop Community, every Pop Social user can unlock new and exclusive benefits on the Pop Social Ecosystem including a boost to your $PPT earning potential.

Our team is always working to assimilate core Web3 elements into our ecosystem in a simplified fashion to ease new users into these exciting features. Prepare to engage with the $PPT Staking feature on the Pop DApp for a greater Web3 SocialFi experience!

Understanding $PPT Staking

The Pop Social Ecosystem is geared toward empowering our users to leverage the creator economy. The Pop Token helps maintain a steady equilibrium between creators and users on the platform. The new $PPT Staking feature will further solidify this balance and strengthen the value of $PPT within the Pop Community and outside the Pop Social Ecosystem.

Staking in the crypto and Web3 realm involves the practice of locking one's digital assets (tokens) on a blockchain network. In return, you earn rewards, likely in the form of the same token. These rewards are often determined as a percentage of the tokens staked. During the staking phase, all staked assets will be locked. This means that unless selected assets are specifically unstacked, they cannot be transferred or used.

So what does staking on Pop Social mean? It means choosing an amount of $PPT you'd like to stake. Then stake this amount, which will then be locked for 24 hours. Upon completion of these 24 hours, you will unlock exclusive ecosystem benefits including earning more $PPT for your on-chain activities. If you'd like to use this stake $PPT, you can unstake and unlock your tokens at which point you will immediately forfeit your staking benefits.

By staking $PPT on the Pop DApp you will unlock a direct boost to $PPT earning potential. Specifically, within the $PPT Staking feature, your ability to increase $PPT earnings is uncapped. Meaning, the more $PPT you stake, the more $PPT you can earn for your on-chain activities. This is functionality executed linearly, there are no specified levels to staking as $PPT staked and earning boost from staking are uncapped.

How to Stake $PPT on Pop Social

Staking your $PPT on Pop Social is easy.

Step 1: Open your Pop Wallet on the Pop DApp

Step 2: Make sure to be on the BNB Chain and click the Stake option below the 'Recieve' button

Step 3: Select the $PPT amount for staking

Step 4: Understand the 24-hour lock-up period and click 'Stake $PPT'

Stake your $PPT today and unlock benefits in 24 hours

Future of $PPT Staking

The $PPT Staking feature is the latest element on the Pop DApp. We will begin by releasing basic staking benefits for all our Poppers, like increased $PPT earning potential and other ecosystem benefits. However, we have a roadmap planned for the future of $PPT Staking. This includes liquidity staking options, governance roles, boost to event participation and winning potential, enhanced content visibility, and much more.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we steadily make our way through the Pop Social Roadmap Poppers! We have plenty more exciting reveals to make and we're just getting started. Our team is thrilled to see all our ecosystem efforts reflecting on the performance of $PPT in the crypto market. Let's keep this momentum going together and take $PPT to the moon!

Start staking your $PPT today and reap your ecosystem benefits today to unlock a deeper level of engagement on Pop Social!

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