The Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 Arrives
May 31, 2024

The Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 Arrives

Pop Social announces Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 to reward active Pop DApp users.

The Pop Social Ecosystem puts creators and users at the heart of our AI SocialFi platform. Web3 is all about decentralizing power, and on Pop Social, it is the Poppers who run the platform with their active engagement and enthusiasm. Since our journey began, we have been adamant about giving back to the community. Value in exchange for value, and as the Pop Community continues to grow, we intend to meet its demand.

To thank our first wave of users on the Pop DApp, we announced the Pioneer Popper Airdrop to reward all our early users for their dedication and loyalty. It is their valuable feedback that made Pop Social what it is today. Thanks to this active involvement, the Pop Community continues to grow. Now, our team is setting sights on bringing value to new and existing users as well. Get ready for more epic rewards in the form of another iconic celebration, the Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1!

What Is the Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1?

Having rewarded our early adopter Popper community with the successful Pioneer Popper Airdrop, Pop Social is now focusing our efforts on giving back to the entire Pop Social Community. Get ready to tackle major Pop Social events designed to reward every new and existing user on the Pop DApp! We'll be starting with the Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 which will run from March 27 to April 27.

In detail, Pop Social is allocating a huge $PPT prize pool for the Leaderboard Competition: Season 1. Certainly, this means similar events will be announced in the future under new Seasons. The time has come to shine the lights on all Poppers and their limitless potential to create and innovate in the Pop Social Ecosystem. Get your creative juices flowing and rev up your digital social engagement skills because, during this Pop Social Leaderboard Competition event, every move could bring you $PPT rewards!

Pop Social believes that creativity is boundless. Our platform encourages creation and celebrates innovation. By harnessing blockchain technology, the Pop Social Ecosystem promises control and true ownership of their Intellectual Property (IP). Furthermore, to ensure that anyone can leverage the creator economy, the Pop DApp will be fortified AI tools to eliminate the barrier to creation.

How To Accumulate Your Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 $PPT Reward?

Every Pop DApp user can participate in the Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1. To increase your $PPT rewards, simply remain active on the Pop DApp where your organic, insightful, and genuine engagements will accumulate points. These points will determine your $PPT rewards. Check out the leaderboard on the Pop DApp to see who has the most points!

During the duration of the event, the Pop DApp will track all users' interactions and assign a corresponding point value to actions performed within the platform. These actions include but are not limited to Pop Profile metrics like nickname, description, and banner along with user growth metrics like completed referrals and followers.

This season of Pop Social Leaderboard Competition will reward users for exploring every avenue in the Pop Social Ecosystem. Point accumulation will be strongly influenced by factors like users' account level, on-chain transactions made, and joining PancakeSwap's PPT-USDT Liquidity Pool. Specific actions have high point accumulation opportunities, like 200 points per Treasure Chests opened and up to 1000 points per Popbit NFT held. Check the leaderboard details for more information.

Thus, the greater your interaction, the higher your accumulated points, and the higher the points, the higher your Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 $PPT Reward! Another option to boost your $PPT rewards during this time is to complete these short and simple quests on Zealy.

How To Collect Your Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 $PPT Reward?

Based on the accumulated points from user actions, the Pop Social Ecosystem calculates your eligibility to collect $PPT at the end of the Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 event. At the end of the event, which marks the engagement period, eligible users can collect their Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 $PPT Reward from the Rewards section on the Pop DApp!

Poppers are encouraged to continue interacting with the Pop DApp to earn daily $PPT, perhaps this could give you a head start for future $PPT Leaderboard events. Pop Social values every interaction on the platform, from creating content to interacting with content and fellow creators, Pop Social rewards innovation and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more exciting Pop Social announcements! We've got more delightful surprises for you Poppers. Let's bring the next billion users to Web3 SocialFi together.

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