The Stakes Are Stacking Up on Pop Social, Latest Update Brings New Possibilities
April 24, 2024

The Stakes Are Stacking Up on Pop Social, Latest Update Brings New Possibilities

The latest update allows Poppers to directly join PPT-USDT Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap from the Pop DApp.

The Pop Social team is pleased to see so many Poppers eagerly joining the PPT-USDT Liquidity Pool (LP) on PancakeSwap. Since our initial announcement about PancakeSwap opening the PPT-USDT liquidity pool, trading volume for PPT on the platform has soared, and liquidity providers are enjoying earning $PPT from providing liquidity for trading fees

To further simplify this process of joining the PPT-USDT Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap, our team has released an exciting new feature to the Pop DApp. As of today's Pop DApp update, Poppers can join the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool by navigating to the Pop Wallet and selecting LP.

How to Join PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool From the Pop DApp

  1. Open the Pop DApp
  2. Go to the Pop Wallet
  3. Choose LP option
  4. Click PPT/USDT
  5. Click 'Go to Pancake Swap'
  6. Click 'Trade' then 'Connect Wallet'
  7. Choose PPT under 'Select a Token'
  8. Set the amount you wish to provide as liquidity
  9. Click 'Supply' then 'Confirm'

Congratulations! You have now joined the PPT-USDT Liquidity Pool. Now, as a liquidity provider for this pool on PancakeSwap, you will enjoy $PPT earnings from providing liquidity for trading fees. Poppers across the globe can now experience a simplified feature of joining PancakeSwap's PPT-USDT LP.

Additional Updates

Along with this direct LP feature, Poppers will also enjoy several other updates on the Pop DApp this week. This includes optimized posts, improved app performance and UI effects, and additional bug fixes. Additionally, a more detailed user account page, redeem code functionality for Treasure Chests, redeem code matches user IDs, and delivering NFTs with over 72 hours of prompts at claim.

What's Next on Pop Social?

Lately, we've been teasing our community with a much more exciting reveal and this latest app update is only a teaser for what's coming next. A big feature in any Web3, crypto, and blockchain project is staking. Staking is a fundamental part of the Web3 world. It empowers the ecosystem, gives back to the community, and brings greater value to an asset.

Stay tuned for our next exciting reveal, $PPT Staking on the Pop DApp! Prepare for exclusive benefits  and new ecosystem features coming your way Poppers! Until then, join the PancakeSwap LP and reap the benefits.

Download the Pop DApp:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store