The Ultimate 3,500,000 $PPT Airdrop Nears
May 31, 2024

The Ultimate 3,500,000 $PPT Airdrop Nears

Poppers around the world can prepare to receive their ultimate rewards in the form of a $PPT Airdrop.

Pop Social has a very exciting announcement to make Poppers! Since our journey began, we've always made it clear to our users that this space is theirs. To each Popper who has been a part of our journey, it is thanks to your dedication, love, and support for our project that has brought us so far. Thank you for sticking with us, we're just getting started!

To our early users, we promised you $PPT in the form of airdrops for your continuous dedication in the form of app testing, feedback, early adoption, and event and campaign participation. It's time to claim your rewards! In total, our team has allocated 3,500,000 $PPT for the first phase of this airdrop.

PPT Airdrop Allocation Details

Out of this 3.5 million PPT, 2,500,000 PPT will be allocated to alpha and beta testers and 1,000,000 to Pop Pilot Pass holders. The snapshot has already been taken as of January 19, 2024, at 5:41 PM UTC+4 and we had an amazing attendance of more than 100,000+ testers.

Much like maintaining fairness on our platform, we aim to bring that fairness to our $PPT Airdrop as well. The screenshot was taken to deliver this. Our team did not take into account any accounts exhibiting bot behavior to prevent Airdrop abuse.

The time for celebrations is nigh for the 57,431 total alpha and beta users that will receive the $PPT Airdrop. Congratulations to you all, we cannot wait to show you how grateful we are for your continued presence on our platform.

The Pop Team is immensely proud of our successful Pop Pilot Pass campaign. As one of the most successful Pop campaigns, the outcome has been simply amazing! It is this success that gives eligibility to 191,860 Poppers to receive the $PPT Airdrop across ZkSync and opBNB Pop Pilot pass minters.

Additional Details

To determine how much PPT each of our Poppers has earned until this point, we must determine the conditions required to meet a claim to the full share of your bounty. To do so, our team has set a point system structured over your time and activity on the Pop DApp and other Pop-related activities. Full details on this will be released shortly.

The $PPT Airdrop will be divided into one phase for alpha and beta early adopters as well as Pop Pilot Pass holders (3,500,000 PPT) in total and a second phase for new and existing Poppers that will be announced soon. This will allow everyone a fair chance to participate in $PPT Airdrop activities and join in the festivities!

Once again, congratulations to all of you who've made it so far. We look forward to celebrating with you soon dear Poppers! Keep an eye out for details about the Ultimate $PPT Airdrop COMING SOON!

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