Twitter Users Feel the Burn of Centralized Control, What Will Elon Musk Do Next?
May 31, 2024

Twitter Users Feel the Burn of Centralized Control, What Will Elon Musk Do Next?

Twitter users don't like Elon Musk making decisions for the community. Popoo gives decentralized control to its users.

Oh how far Twitter has come! For a long time Twitter was seen as a space for intellectuals to share their opinion and point of view on trending topics. The platform eliminated social barriers that came with priveledge, status, and titles. Most Twitter users didn't care what other users did for a living, or where they came from. All that mattered was what they had to say.

On Twitter, users were all equals, citizens could call out their leaders, fans could defend their idols, and celebrities could speak their minds without a mediator. The Twitter era was a great one. Still, it had its own hiccups. Some would argue that Twitter didn't treat all its users fairly. Despite the Twitter guidelines for addressing hateful speech and holding account holders responsible, the platform didn't always deliver. There are many instances where it seemed like Twitter showed favoritism.

Twitter failed to help Leslie Jones from racist tweets and banned Trump's account for breaking Twitter guidelines

Perhaps this is what urged Elon Musk to buy Twitter and try to reform it. He began teasing the prospect of buying Twitter earlier this year. A bid of $44 billion for the acquisition of the platform was put forth. Soon after, Musk tried to pull back from the deal. Ultimately, he went through with the decision to buy Twitter and immediately decided to make some changes. Elon Musk is a huge believer in the right to freedom of speech. He believes that everyone should have the right to share their opinion.

In the same vein, other leaders of the digital and traditional media spaces agree that freedom of speech in vital. However, freedom of speech going unchecked could be very dangerous and could even put lives at risk. So how will Twitter proceed from here? To show how seriously he was taking the opinions of the masses, Elon Musk changed his Twitter bio to 'Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator' and began proposing solutions to rising complaints.

Within his first week, Musk initiated heavy lay-offs at the company's senior level. Next, the tech titan proclaimed his first goal to be to clean up the Twitter space by tackling its excessive bot problem. It's no secret that Twitter is a minefield of bots. To ensure verified users, Elon Musk, being the entrepreneur he is, suggested a monthly subscription model of $8 to earn the Twitter Blue stamp. This led to a huge backlash from Twitter users. So much so that some decided to switch to other platforms.

Elon Musk changed his bio to 'Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator' and has his account verified

This whole scenario feels extremely unfair for users who've been on the platform for years. Why shouldn't they have a say in how the platform they use regularly should run? Why must the decision lie in the hands of one rich, powerful man whose running the show based on what he believes is right? The drawback of a centralized platform could not be more clear.

Here was a safe space for creators to build and grow their online persona. A space where they could connect with fellow intellectuals for free. Now, years of content, networking, and a decade of one's digitally archived online footprint could be taken away without so much as a warning. Users should have a say in what the future of their trusted safe spaces will look like. They should be able to make fair decisions as a collective, so everyone can be heard.

Popoo gives its users all of this and much more. On Pop, users have freedom of speech and can own every piece of content they create and share with the masses. Blockchain technology allows this along with anonymity, data privacy, account security, and accountability. The Pop ecosystem and its universe go hand-in-hand.

Pop gives content freedom and governance powers to its users

Every user will gain an exclusive NFT that acts as their Unique Personal Identifier. This digital identity will let them become citizens of a global decentralized community. With this, the next generation of free thinkers can build a greater future secured by trusted technology. If you feel ready to embrace a new world where your opinion will always matter, sign up to become an early bird alpha-tester for Pop now.