Unboxing Pop: The Tale of CyberGirl
May 31, 2024

Unboxing Pop: The Tale of CyberGirl

Discover the Pop universe and explore the Pop ecosystem. Meet the Cyphers, our first-ever AI and human-inspired NFT.

The Pop universe and the Pop ecosystem go hand-in-hand. Our platform is powered by NFTs that are unique and glamorous in design. Every NFT will be inspired by the interests of its owner. Once claimed, Pop NFTs can become a user's Unique Personal Identifier. With these NFTs in play, we empower our users to be gallant content creators in the online digital realm. They can create, own, and share content securely across the web without compromising their privacy.

The Pop Ecosystem

The face of the Pop ecosystem may be our NFTs, but the rest of it is a social content platform developed for greater intentions to place community-building at its core. The Pop App is the pinnacle of all online and digital trends and aims to put the creator economy in the spotlight. We funnel in content from a variety of popular social media platforms while also generating Pop-original content.

Pop is your bridge into the world of Web3

Every Pop user will own their own unique NFT at the start of their Pop journey. Once signed up, users will use this NFT as their online identity. As each user levels up on Pop, they can unlock, earn, or buy additional Pop exclusive NFTs. For engaging with content on the platform, they will also earn tokens. Pop is home to two native tokens: $PPT for all interactions between users and creators, and $PGT for governance. All these Web3 treasures will be stored securely on the noncustodial Pop app.

The Pop Universe

Our NFT collection is inspired by a dystopian CyberCity. The city has blocked the world of Web3 from reaching its citizens, this leaves its citizens trapped in a realm between evolving technologies and conflicting ideologies. In retaliation, they began rebelling against their tyrannical government to overtake the overlords and set CyberCity free. These brave rebels go by the name of Cyphers. They hope to earn back their right to practice creative freedom.

Working side-by-side with the Cyphers are the ever-so-loyal, Cypets. These exotic creatures were once held captive by the tyrannical overlords of the city's government. While they continued to hold a vice-like grip over CyberCity, the Cyphers broke the Cypets free and in return gained loyal sidekicks for life. The third mysterious face of CyberCity are the Cyglitches. In an attempt to break through the walls of CyberCity, this group found themselves caught in a glitch that causes them to unexpectedly transport to random parts of CyberCity.

A World of NFT Identities

Our team is working round-the-clock to create the most alluring NFTs so every user on Pop can proudly claim their personal NFT and showcase their Web3 identity. Let's introduce you to the first of our captivating NFT collection, meet the Cyphers.

CyberGirl is one of the iconic visages leading the revolution to free CyberCity from the tyrannical clutches of an unjust government. CyberGirl believes in the power of unhindered expression through art, music, and speech. She is never seen without her trademark headset and is often seen disappearing into shadows. She is sneaky as she is bold, and she has never once been caught by the ruling party of CyberCity.

The Making of CyberGirl

At Pop, our team is designing the first-ever human and AI-powered NFTs. While the Pop Universe NFT characters are imagined and brought to life by our illustrators, the mesmerizing background art is created by AI technology. For CyberGirl, the credit goes to the renowned illustrator - Karass.

Cybergirl NFT by Karass

Tan believes in the power of storytelling through art. He has seen first-hand how his work has invoked passion, bliss, revelry, and so much more. After years of working on shaping a signature style, Karass is proud to present his art through the Pop universe. His contributions to this world will forever be remembered as more Cyphers, Cypets, and Cyglitches populate CyberCity and pursue their dream of attaining content freedom. Tan1ban himself is huge on content freedom as you will see through his incredibly unique illustrations.

Own Your Exclusive Unique Pop NFT

To kick-off the Web3 experience and to welcome users to the platform, Pop is giving away one customized Pop NFT for free to every user that joins the platform. Each NFT will be unique as the design is inspired by the user's individual interests. The NFT can be regenerated until the user happily claims it. Once claimed, this NFT acts as a Unique Personal Identifier that can be the face of the users' Web3 identity on Pop.

Pop will be available to a limited number of users soon! You could be one of the fortunate early-bird users to join in on the Pop alpha-testing phase. Register now at get verified and standby for more details.