Win Big by Decking Out Your Popbits in the Treasure Chest Swag Competition
March 26, 2024

Win Big by Decking Out Your Popbits in the Treasure Chest Swag Competition

Poppers can win big by pairing Pop Accessory NFTs with their Popbits in the Treasure Chest Swag competition.

The Pop Treasure Chests have arrived, bringing with them the highly-anticipated Popbit Accessory NFTs. Poppers and especially, Popbit Genesis NFT holders can finally add a personal touch to their beloved Popbit NFTs. The Popbit Accessory NFT collection can only be found upon opening Treasure Chests on the Pop DApp.

These Popbit Accessory NFTs are one out of four prizes that can be claimed from Treasure Chests. More so, they come as Common, Rare, or Legendary Accessory NFT items. By pairing your Accessory NFTs with your Popbit, you can boost your $PPT earning rate on the Pop DApp. Thus, the rarer your Popbit and Accessory NFTs, the greater your $PPT earning boost!

Now, with the Treasure Chests and Popbit Accessory NFTs within your grasp, it's time to celebrate this grand release! Starting today, all Poppers have the chance to win exciting prizes by participating in the Treasure Chest Swag campaign. This event will be open for 2 weeks, at the end of which, prizes can be claimed.

How to Participate

All interested Poppers can participate in this event by opening Treasure Chests on the Pop DApp. The Treasure Chests give you one of four different types of loot. To qualify for this campaign, you must unlock an Accessory NFT from Pop Treasure Chests!

After claiming your Accessory NFT, you can proceed to dress up your Popbit and show off your best Popbit outfit with the Pop Social Community. Find the Treasure Chest Swag competition post on our official TwitterX page, then like and retweet the post with a screenshot of your best-dressed Popbit!

After this, screenshot your post and share it on the 'Treasure Chest Swaggers' channel on our official Discord page to officially throw your hat into the competition! The top 5 voted, best decked-out Popbit holders, will receive epic prizes!

Here is our twitter link:


The Treasure Chest Swag Campaign will run for one month, at the end of which 5 best-dressed, top-voted Popbit holders can claim their rewards as determined below.

First Place: 1 Legendary Accessory NFT and 500 PPT

Second Place: 1 Rare Accessory NFT and 250 PPT

Third Place: 1 Rare Accessory NFT and 150 PPT

Fourth Place: 1 Common Accessory NFT and 100 PPT

Fifth Place: 1 Common Accessory NFT and 50 PPT

We're excited to see your best-dressed Popbits Poppers, show us your sense of style, and put a spotlight on your unique fashion flair! Showcase your best Popbit outfit proudly. There's no other like it! Follow us on our official channels and stay tuned for more fun competitions for a chance to win epic prizes.

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