Your Favorite Multi-Chain AI Social Platform Is Now Powered by Chainlink's CCIP
May 31, 2024

Your Favorite Multi-Chain AI Social Platform Is Now Powered by Chainlink's CCIP

Pop Social reveals its latest Web3 updates on the Pop DApp including Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol.

The Pop Social Ecosystem is built around the ideology of providing the best that Web3 and AI have to offer. As both fields are developing technologies, it is important to stay vigilant about the latest developments and find ways to implement them onto our platform. The Pop Team is constantly working on ways to bring the best cutting-edge technologies into our ecosystem to give our users leverage like no other.

More importantly, the Pop Social mission revolves around onboarding the next billion users to Web3. For many, Web3 is still a new and complicated sphere to enter. This is why Pop Social finds a way to abstract the deep technicalities of AI and Web3 technology and repackage them into a simplified and easy-to-navigate platform, the Pop DApp.

The Pop DApp steadily invited new users onto its ecosystem with every new integration and feature release. Our team is pleased to see the steady growth in our user base and will continue to bring more to our dedicated users. We're happy to share the two latest updates to our ecosystem, the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) and the Social Infrastructure product roadmap.

Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP)

The Pop DApp is the first multi-chain AI social platform and is now powered by Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP). Since the launch of the Pop DApp on the BNB Smart Chain, our team has worked tirelessly to integrate with other blockchains to deliver multi-chain functionality.

Presently, the Pop DApp is integrated with the Polygon Network and the Ethereum Network. With the latest integration facilitated by Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), the Pop DApp will be integrated with many other blockchain networks.

What exactly does the CCIP bring to Pop Social? To highlight, the CCIP creates a bridging mechanism. This protocol allows our users to move Pop Tokens (PPT) from the BNB network to another network using a Lock & Mint approach.

To put this protocol into action, Chainlink Labs will create a token pool contract and provide the address to our team. After this, we will enable an authorized CCIP-wrapped version of our smart contract. This move will allow our users to transfer PPT between the chains determined by the CCIP smart contract.

Chainlink is on a mission to link every process for seamless transactions using blockchain technology and Pop Social is excited to announce our latest Web3 development working alongside their very capable team. Our Poppers and their PPT are in good hands.

Pop Social Integrates Chainlink's CCIP

Social Infrastructure Product Roadmap

Another exciting update on the Pop Social Ecosystem has to do with introducing our Social infrastructure roadmap for the Pop DApp. Providing our Poppers with a secure way to connect their online social identity over multiple platforms has been a goal our team has been working towards since we began our journey.

We understand the time and effort that goes into building one's social reputation and the authenticity that comes attached to that name. Unfortunately, with centralized platforms, many social reputations are tarnished or completely erased due to the lack of control. With blockchain technology in the picture, Pop Social gives all Poppers complete control over their accounts and identities. Security and anonymity are guaranteed along with transparency thanks to blockchain technology.

Now, our team is working to allow our users to migrate their social reputation and accomplishments between multiple social platforms. Soon, Pop Social will announce strategic integration with protocols to deliver Web2 and Web3 portability. This means our users can seamlessly prove their social reputation across these other social platforms.

With this move, your online social identity and established brand can reverberate across multiple networks and your name and reputation can gain the recognition it deserves and demands. Welcome fans and followers from anywhere and stand under your united banner with Pop Social.

Always Get More With Pop

Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements. Our team is making AI updates to the Pop Social Ecosystem as well. Soon, you'll have AI expertise and assistance at all times as you journey through the Pop DApp and everything it has to offer.

We hope you enjoy our latest updates. Interoperability is a huge milestone for us, not just on the blockchain network side but delivering for social infrastructure as well. We'd like to thank all of you our beloved Poppers for your continued excitement and support for our mission. We cannot wait to reveal what's coming for you next! Happy Popping!

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