Crypto City Miami's Web3 Events Are Underway, Can You Spot Pop Labs?
March 26, 2024

Crypto City Miami's Web3 Events Are Underway, Can You Spot Pop Labs?

Miami is a hub for all things crypto. Join Pop Labs at the Miami Web3 and check out some of Miami's many events.

Pop Labs is delighted to arrive in the sunny and pleasant city of Miami. What better place to debut Pop Labs and its future Web3 solutions than at the heart of the United States of America's crypto city? Pop Labs is excited to showcase its first Web3 and blockchain solution to arrive in the Pop Social Ecosystem. Are you ready to meet the ultimate social media app at this extravagant crypto event in Miami? Come say hello to the Pop Labs team to check out the Pop DApp! The Pop Labs team can't wait to show you what's coming.

Miami Embraces All Things Crypto

Ah Miami, a spectacular city, one that embraced blockchain technology and everything that came with it with open arms. Miami has been home to many crypto and Web3 events for years now. This is fascinating considering the fact the blockchain sector is still in its early phases. No doubt, Miami began with the vision of becoming a crypto city, and today, the city is indeed worthy of that title. Pop Labs, much like the rest of the world, see that this vision of becoming a crypto hub is all thanks to Miami's Mayor - Francis X. Suarez.

Suarez took many initiatives towards turning Miami into the crypto city it is today. For one, he facilitated many blockchain events to help crypto-centric companies establish themselves in Miami. In addition, he also agreed to receive his salary in Bitcoin (BTC). He even agreed to turn his 401K pension into Bitcoin as well. As for Miami itself, the city absolutely screams crypto. Pop Labs can see this essence all around the city. For instance, residents can pay their bills in crypto and can even receive their salary in crypto. The city's basketball team, Miami Heat, has also shown its support in the form of launching official NFTs.

NBA team, Miami Heat NFTs

Pop Labs Explores Crypto Miami

Pop Labs is honored to be present in Miami at such a happening time for the blockchain and crypto industry. Currently, there are dozens of crypto events occurring simultaneously all across the shiny city of Miami! Pop Labs is looking forward to meeting like-minded crypto enthusiasts who've made their way from across the globe to this exciting corner of the USA. After all, socializing with a globally decentralized crowd is right up the Pop Social alley. Check out the Pop DApp so you can get started!

Web3 has opened doors to bring fairness and opportunities across the world, and Miami offers a city-wide platform to put Web3 projects in the limelight. Pop Labs agrees with this move that Miami is continually supporting. The Pop DApp that runs on the Pop Social Ecosystem is the first of many Web3 solutions presented by Pop Labs. Pop Labs is working towards making tapping into Web3 perks an easy and troubleless journey for the masses, especially for those unfamiliar with the Web3 arena.

Presently, Miami is hosting an array of crypto, blockchain, Web3, DeFi, and NFT events all over the city! Between November 21 to December 10, the city will be filled with fellow crypto and blockchain enthusiasts from all around the world. Come find Pop Labs as we frequent many of these exciting crypto events in Miami. Certainly, the crypto community does not miss a chance to engage with fellow crypto believers, and the same goes for Pop Labs and the Pop Social community.

Miami Web3

One of the major events taking place in Miami is Miami Web3. Taking place at InterContinental Miami at the 100 Chopin Plaza, this 3-day event will keep the focus on all things Web3. Mayor Suarez himself will be joining in for a fireside chat along with many other speakers who will highlight expectations and possibilities within the Web3 realm. Other topics will range from the need for modernized crypto regulations to the future of TradeFi and DeFi.

Come find the Pop Labs team at the Miami Web3 Summit and say hello to the Pop Labs team. Check out what the Pop Dapp has to offer and grab yourselves some exclusive Pop Social merch. You can also catch a teaser and get a sneak peek into the many features of the Pop DApp as well as the Pop Social Ecosystem. Pop Labs is geared towards empowering the Pop Social community and crypto events are a sublime example of how we aim to engage with the Pop Social community. Only this time you'll see Pop Labs IRL!

Come say hello to the Pop Labs team at Miami Web3

We also encourage you to check out some of the many other crypto events taking place in Miami. After all, the blockchain realm only thrives when we support fellow blockchain projects. Pop Labs believes that the crypto community should display a united front. Let's drive forward our global community together! Here are a few other events you should try and catch in Miami.

BitBasel's 2022 Miami Art Week NFT Showcase and Web3 Media Lab

The title may be a mouthful, but the art you're bound to see here will have your jaw-dropping! This event is a new NFT program that gives crypto artists a stage to feature their art during the Miami Art Week. It will take place between November 29 to December 4. BitBasel is here for the third year in a row, so make sure to drop by and catch a glimpse of some of the largest NFT collections out there. The Pop Labs team will likely be visiting some of these NFT artists.

WEB3 Summit

This event will go from November 30 to December 1 and will take place at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Here, the stage lights will focus on women-led Web3 initiatives and projects. It will also focus on educating the wider masses and building communities within the space. Pop Labs is all for educating the masses and bridging them to Web3 spaces! This is a great event to hit up if you're looking to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals or projects. Catch live performances, workshops, and panels with speakers heading exciting projects from all across the world. Pop Labs will see you there!


DECENTRAL is coming back to Miami this year and will be covering topics from Web3, NFT, and DeFi. With over 2,000 attendees, 300+ speakers, 150+ booths, and 80+ exhibitors, DCENTRAL is shaping up to be quite the hub for crypto enthusiasts. For music fans in particular, Grammy-winning producer Timbaland will make an appearance. Other known faces include NBA legend Baron Davis, Ripple CTO David Schwartz, and many more. Head over to the James L Knight Center on November 28-29 to get in on the fun. Can you catch the Pop Labs team here?

Metaverse Miami

The Metaverse Miami event is a Web3 native, tokenized metaverse, and NFT & art innovation conference. You can drop by anytime between November 28 to 30 as long as you have your exclusive Genesis Pass NFT. You can mint your unique passes on their website and bag yourself access to the very glamorous event. Speakers will range from the President of TIME to the CEO of Doodles. This is definitely an event for the ages!

Pop Labs is a huge fan of NFTs with a purpose. Pop Social creators will be able to mint their own NFTs by turning their original content into NFTs. Check out Pop Labs' Pop Genesis NFT Collection, the dynamic Pop NFTs on the Pop Social Ecosystem will blow you away! Set up your Pop Social account on the Pop DApp now so you can prepare for the Pop Genesis NFT Collection drop.

You can mint your very own Genesis Pass NFT to enter the event

Immerse Global Summit

Taking place at the Fontainebleau Hotel between December 5 to 7 is the Immerse Global Summit. Dubbed as the ultimate technology and business growth conference, this event may be more for the business-savvy types instead of the community and glamour-focused crowds. With over 50 speakers already confirmed, and more being added to the roster, the event certainly seems like a space to mingle with thought and industry leaders.

So far, the shiny city of Miami has seen many historically iconic moments occur within the crypto realm. For instance, in 2014, Vitalik Buterin unveiled his idea for a decentralized, programmable smart contract blockchain, now called Ethereum. At the same Bitcoin conference in Miami, the President of El Salvador made another iconic announcement in 2021 which was to make Bitcoin a legal tender within the nation.

One can only imagine what more epic announcements will come from Miami during these events. Let's find out together in Miami! Don't forget to drop by and say hello to the Pop Labs team at Miami Web3 and grab your exclusive merch while you're at it!

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