Every Industry Needs Some NFT Magic: NFT Success Stories
May 31, 2024

Every Industry Needs Some NFT Magic: NFT Success Stories

NFTs are gaining popularity in every sector. Let's explore some of the most innovative NFT success stories.

The high demand for NFTs has not subsided despite the raging bear market in the crypto space. It seems brands across the world are always finding unique ways of using NFTs to provide tailored experiences to their loyal users and fans. From sport NFTs, gaming NFTs, and art NFTs, NFT use cases continue to amaze the crowds. Pop has been hearing from its growing base of interested users. That's right, we hear your voices Pop community! You've been asking us what one can do with NFTs. Well, NFT use cases are very unique and each come with their own success stories.

Let's explore a few of these successful use cases in a variety of industries so you can see the growing potential of NFTs yourself. We can even get specific and dive deep with industry examples. Perhaps this will spark interest and inspire new NFT use cases from all you Web3 dreamers out there. Pop itself will be providing a unique use case with Pop NFTs, we'll come back to this later. Ultimately, it is important to understand that NFT use cases are still being discovered. As the technology is still in its initial phase, there's no telling what exciting and surprising use cases one might see from NFTs in the next few years.

NFT collections have become very popular

When NFTs first came to be, they were mostly used to digitize, sell, and distribute art. This was a revolutionary use case for artists. They can now be in direct control of their own work. Digitizing art into NFTs also means they could not be replicated and sold as duplicates. Eventually, artists and companies began releasing NFT collections. For example, Marvel has its own superhero NFT collection as well as Marvel comics collection. These NFTs come with use cases such as giving the owners additional perks and credible ownership of authentic limited edition Marvel comics. Similarly, the Bored Ape NFT collection gives owners access to the exclusive Bored Ape Yacht Club where NFT holders can access additional benefits.

Another popular use case with NFTs is giving fans the gift of nostalgia. Sports memorabilia is one of the most popular nostalgia NFTs. Fans can purchase one-of-a-kind NFTs depicting the winning shot of their favorite players at a championship game. Similarly, fans of TV shows are also enjoying this nostalgic NFT use case. Recently, William Shatner sold 125,000 NFTs when he decided to auction off memorabilia of his 60-year career. These included Star Trek memorabilia as well. Even former US President Donald Trump is making the best of NFTs. His 45,000 NFT trading card collection sold out fast.

Popular TV and political figures have launched their own NFT collections

These are certainly great use cases for NFTs. Let's have a look at how the non-entertainment industries are using NFTs to discover clever solutions. One of the most interesting use cases for NFTs can be seen in the Metarex project. This brilliant project solved an issue faced by lack of funds for academics, museums, and paleontologists. Metarex turned a private Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton into an NFT collection all thanks to the power of fractional ownership. Before blockchain and NFT technology, the entire structure could only be owned by rich collectors. This made it a challenge for scientists and museums to study and display fossils for science and the masses.

As an NFT collection, museums, academics, and institutes could share the cost of the T-Rex skeleton and share the precious resource amongst themselves and others. It is real-world use cases such as this that allow innovative thinkers to make history. By fractionalizing ownership, anyone can chip in a small amount to own something they could otherwise never afford to own. The real estate industry has begun doing the same. By fractionalizing ownsership, real estate investors no longer have to be rich millionaires. Even the most humble worker bee can start their investor journey.

The Metarex project tokenized an entire T-Rex skeleton

Another neat use case for NFTs was found in logistics to confirm supply chain activity. Blockchain technology keeps an immutable record. This means supply chains can track the journey of their product from start to finish. Quite a few industries are already leveraging this method. By tokenizing their products into NFTs, companies can provide proof of authenticity and confirm the entire product journey. For example, food companies can prove their ingredients are fresh, GMO free, and much more. The Fashion industry is also using this use case to prove the authenticity of their products. In addition, the NFTs of these fashion brand products have a dual purpose where the NFTs can be sold and worn by their owners within the metaverse.

Even the academic sector and institutions are drawing close to the potential of NFTs. There have been many cases of people faking their degrees to get a job or set up a store. Now if degrees are being handed out as NFTs, fake degrees are no longer an issue. In fact, if governments take this approach, there will no longer be disputes on land due to lost or damaged physical documents. By turning identity-based documents into NFTs, it would make keeping account of citizens and protecting their data a lot easier. Imagine an immutable account of every citizen holding sensitive data from birth certificates, educational information, licenses, deeds, wills, passport, and so much more, all secured safely as NFTs on a blockchain. This guarantees security, authenticity, and anonymity to all.

Fashion Brands are embracing NFTs to prove the authenticity of their products

Pop sees these infinite possibilities of NFTs. With so many perks to offer the masses, Pop will start with what it believes to be the most essential for social content creators. This is the ability to establish an anonymous social identity while still being able to lay claim to the content they share. More so, it will pair this ability with the chance to leverage creator economy in exchange for bringing value to the platform. Pop is more excited than ever to be welcoming its first wave of users during the alpha test phase. These alpha testers will gain access to their very own personalized Pop NFTs soon!

Pop will launch its alpha testing phase soon

Keep a close eye on our social media and community channels to find out when the Pop alpha testing phase goes live. If you'd like to become a Pop alpha tester to be the first to get a unique Pop NFT, then drop your email here to join the waitlist.