Guide to Pop Token (PPT): How to Earn and Where to Use
May 31, 2024

Guide to Pop Token (PPT): How to Earn and Where to Use

What can you do with Pop Social's native Pop Token. Read to see how you can earn PPT.

Pop is the ultimate social gateway to Web3. Pop Labs is working towards bridging Web3 perks in an easy transition for all internet users around the world. The simplest way to fulfill this mission is to start with the most widely used and most enjoyed sector which is social media. Pop Labs brings Web3 social media to everyone with the Pop social media app for Web3. Pop Social will show social media users the ease at which one can leverage Web3 and blockchain benefits, this will eventually usher the global masses to embrace Web and blockchain technology.

Pop Social will start with SocialFi features first. Once this concept has been grasped by even the least adept Web3 user, Pop Social and Pop Labs will go on to introduce simplified DeFi features for users to leverage as well. In order to establish a strong, secure, and capable Web3 infrastructure, every Web3 project must deliver a robust and sustainable tokenomics model. This is why Pop struck a strategic partnership with Prysm Group. The latest version of the Pop Social App has already been integrated with this new economic model.

With this partnership, Pop Social presents its sustainable tokenomics model for the Pop Social Ecosystem's native crypto token $PPT. The Pop Token (PPT) is crucial to keep the flow of the Pop Social Ecosystem running smoothly. This blog will go into detail on how one can earn PPT on the Pop Social DApp, what they can do with the PPT they hold, and how the token maintains a state of equilibrium for everyone present in the platform and for the platform itself.

Meet $PPT, Pop Social's Native Token

The Pop Social Ecosystem consists of the most crucial asset which is the Pop Social platform's native digital token, the Pop Token ($PPT). PPT is the main on-chain token used as the major reward mechanism for our project. Besides PPT, the Pop Social Ecosystem also hosts NFTs from the Pop NFT Collection. These two assets are the Pop Social Ecosystem's blockchain-powered assets and both will hold value on and off the Pop DApp.

The design behind PPT is based on the ideology of building a world-class SocialFi token model that is self-sustainable and has healthy long-term emissions for all stakeholders. Hence, Pop Social's native token (PPT) features a tailored token model that supercharges the tie between users and creators on the platform. This model creates a sustainable positive feedback loop based on dynamic emissions; acting as a flywheel for user adoption and creator engagement.

In addition, it also facilitates a delegated creator-staking governance model which results in deep engagement between ecosystem stakeholders and creators. The goal behind PPT is to accelerate user adoption and incentivize creators with a more dynamic rewards mechanism compared to traditional social media platforms. In a nutshell, PPT powers the Pop Social ecosystem and plays an essential role for users and creators.

Pop Social Ecosystem's native token PPT

PPT can be earned and used in many ways in the Pop Social Ecosystem. We'll get into more details on this later. For now, it is important to note that PPT maintains the equilibrium of the platform by catering to three specific types of Pop Social entities. These include users, creators, and advertisers. PPT emissions go to the hands of creators and users directly. Meanwhile, advertisers must purchase PPT to buy ad space on the platform. Let's have a closer look at how creators and users can earn and use Pop Social's PPT.

How to Earn PPT on Pop Social

The Pop Token (PPT) does more than execute transactions within the Pop Social ecosystem. In fact, it is also a reward for content creation, curation, and consumption. The platform rewards all stakeholders who contribute value to Pop through PPT, which maximizes the use of network effects on a content reward platform to bootstrap the growth and health of the network.

As users and creators engage with the Pop DApp, the Pop Social platform will keep track of the time spent and the types of engagements made by each account. This tracking is measured by an on-chain asset calculator called Pop Credits (PCR). This in-app credit will automatically be converted to PPT at three set times in a day, ensuring that all engagements made and seconds spent on Pop Social are accounted for a fair conversion to earned PPT.

So to earn Pop Tokens (PPT), you can participate in a variety of activities and engagements on the Pop Social app. The more active you are on the Pop DApp, the more PPT you earn, it's that simple. But how complicated are these engagements and activities you ask? Not complicated at all. In fact, you're already doing these activities every day for 0 value. On Pop Social, you can turn that 0 into so much more.

Earning PPT has always been easy

The following activities will guarantee PPT earning on the Pop Social app, please note that they're not limited to just these activities. Build value on the Pop Social platform through actions such as posting content and consuming content by reading, watching, sharing, liking, and commenting on posts. You can also refer new users by inviting them via your Invitation code. Read all about the Pop User Referral Program and get started! The more value a user brings to the platform, the more Pop Credits they earn, and subsequently, the more PPT they receive.

How to Use PPT on Pop Social

Now that you know all the ways to earn PPT, let's look at how you can put them to use within the Pop Social Ecosystem and the Pop DApp in particular. One of the most critical aspects of using PPT comes in leveling up the value of your Pop Genesis Dynamic NFT. Purchase NFT accessories to give your Genesis Pop Social NFT a stylish boost with which you can improve your ability to earn more PPT in a shorter time or unlock exclusive social features.

PPT holders can also open Treasure Chests to win exciting rewards ranging from increased PPT earning rate, increased content visibility, and claiming rare, mythic, or legendary Pop Social NFTs. PPT can also be consumed as NFT marketplace fees as well as via fiat on-ramp fees. All spent PPT including those spent by advertisers for ad space will make its way to the Pop Treasury which in turn sends a portion of PPT back out as PPT emissions.

Creators contribute to the Pop Social Treasury through taxed revenue from subscriptions, by boosting purchases, purchasing campaigns, and sending a portion of their Premium NFT Collection launches. On the flip side, they send a flow of PPT towards Pop Social users via PPT giveaways and raid to earn incentives. Furthermore, PPT allows users to tip creators to access premium content. With PPT, you can also stake to creators for governance as well as unlock fee discounts along with other utilities.

PPT runs the Pop Social Ecosystem

PPT can also be used to mint and purchase Subscription NFTs and purchase a variety of NFTs on the Pop NFT Marketplace. Thus, being an active member of the Pop Social community by engaging with the Pop DApp on a regular basis will unlock an infinite suite of perks and possibilities for you!

How Does Pop Social's PPT Work?

It is crucial to keep PPT flowing within the Pop Social Ecosystem. To ensure this, the platform is equipped with the Pop Social Treasury. Spent PPT goes to the Pop treasury to maintain sustainable long-term token economics in the Pop ecosystem. The Pop Social Treasury becomes active after reaching a significant decrease in average tokens per user, initiating the accumulation of value within the token. The maximum supply for the PPT token is 200,000,000.

Pop Token (PPT) holds a lot of power

The Pop Social platform revenue is primarily driven through Ad Tech, a proven track record of sustainable monetization in traditional platforms and Web3. Pop DApp users will see advertisements as a reward and opportunity to earn extra tokens rather than an unavoidable penalty for using the platform. In addition, Pop revenue comes from many channels, helping fuel the sustainability of the Pop treasury. These include NFT royalties, content NFT mint sales, minting and transaction fees, and much more.

Ultimately, the value of the Pop Social Ecosystem comes from you. This is why the Pop Social team is constantly putting our community in the middle. It is you who runs this space as it is you who brings value to it. Allow Pop Social to empower and reward you on your online digital journey of establishing your social identity and lifestyle.

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