Latest Pop Tech Update Ensures Pop PPT Rewards With Optimized Token Economic Model
April 24, 2024

Latest Pop Tech Update Ensures Pop PPT Rewards With Optimized Token Economic Model

The Pop Social Ecosystem got quite the upgrade this month. June has been a busy and wild time for the Pop team and community so far, and the surprises keep coming! In the last few weeks, we've been featured on top media houses for our strategic partnership with Prysm Group. We're thrilled to have our sustainable economic model reflected on the Pop DApp. You will notice this change as you see the hike in your token earning rate in comparison to before the update.

Along with this crucial update to the Pop Social Ecosystem, we've got a few more updates that you'll likely notice as you explore the Pop DApp. The following are all the updates that made it to the Pop Social Ecosystem over the recent few weeks.

  • Updated Pop Token Economic Model
  • Added Invitation Code functionality
  • Implemented app version update auto-detection
  • Introduced Pop Creator verification module
  • Optimized posting features such as date display format, black screen, etc
  • Improved user avatar and username mechanics
  • Added KOL rewards to the task center
  • Optimized content recommendation function
  • Fixed a miscellaneous suite of known bugs

The Pop Social Ecosystem will soon shift from a testnet to a mainnet soon. Stay tuned for more announcements about this shift for you will soon be able to claim non-test PPT tokens and Pop NFTs. Also, every Pop Social tester will get closer to claiming their personalized Pop NFT + Token airdrop as promised.

Until then feel free to continue testing the Pop Social DApp and drop your valuable quality feedback so the Pop Social team can continue making desirable updates to the Pop DApp. You can also drop any bugs you find on the Pop DApp by participating in the Pop Bug Bounty Hunter Program. By notifying the Pop Social team of an unfounded bug, you can earn rewards!

The Pop 2.0 release came with many new functionalities and modules for Pop users to explore. The latest of these is the availability of your functional Invitation Code. Use this code to invite your friends and family to join and stay active on the Pop DApp. By referring your invitees to engage with the Pop Social app, all of you can leverage SocialFi perks. Each inviter can gain PPT amounting to 5% of their invitees' total PPT earnings of the day. Inviters can also earn an additional 3% from the invitees of their invitees as well. That's a total of 8% of PPT to gain!  

Head to the 'Settings' page on your Pop account and copy or download your unique Invitation Code to begin your Pop User Referral Program journey! This is also the same spot where invitees can link their account to yours as your official invitee by tying in your code under theirs on their Pop account page. Now get popping Poppers! Happy inviting!

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