How To Mint Phase 1 PNS, Step-By-Step Guide & FAQs
May 31, 2024

How To Mint Phase 1 PNS, Step-By-Step Guide & FAQs

Pop Name Service (PNS) is live, catch the guide and FAQs to mint your Phase 1 PNS now.

Excited about the Pop Name Service (PNS) announcement? Us too! This blog is a quick catch-up for those of you still getting acquainted with Pop Social's PNS Soulbound asset and it also serves as a guide for all you early Phase 1 arrivals looking forward to minting your PNS. Let's go!


What is PNS and why do I need it?

The PNS feature allows Pop Social users to create a unified social identity. The Pop Name Service (PNS) is an identity-centric Stablecoin for users to Chain their Agnostic Social Identities. With it, you can merge your traditional media platform identities with your Web3 identity. This creates a unified social identity that can help you keep tabs on key social metrics, validate your achievements, and enhance your online reputation. Get more information on our PNS blog.

Do I need to transfer BNB to my Pop Wallet before minting my PNS?

Yes, you will need around $0.2 worth of BNB sent to your Pop Wallet.

Is PNS searchable in the Pop DApp?

Yes, you can search for any PNS name in the search bar on the Pop DApp.

Can I change my PNS after I mint it?

As every PNS name is a Soulbound digital asset, each account can only mint and hold 1 PNS. Since it is a Soulbound asset, you can not change or adjust your PNS name after minting, so please be careful and sure when you choose your PNS name before minting.

Do I have to act fast?

Yes, make sure to mint your PNS name right away, as soon as the service goes live. This is to ensure that you can mint your desired name before someone else does. Once a name is used, it will become unavailable to mint for every other user.

What if I want multiple PNS names?

As each account can hold only 1 PNS name, you can register another Pop Social account via the Pop DApp to mint another PNS name. Hence, you will need multiple Pop Social accounts to mint multiple PNS names.


Go to your profile on the Pop DApp and click the 'Create Pop ID' button under your Pop Social account name.

Click 'Create Pop ID'

Enter your PNS name

Click 'Confirm' (button will be clickable once all 3 criteria are met)

Your PNS name will now be displayed in your profile under your Pop Social account name where the 'Create Pop ID' button previously available.

Congratulations on minting your PNS!

Go to the Pop DApp and mint your PNS name now before it's lost to another forever!

Download the Pop DApp:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store