Pop Name Service (PNS) Takes the Stage, Second Soulbound Token Debuts on Pop Social
March 26, 2024

Pop Name Service (PNS) Takes the Stage, Second Soulbound Token Debuts on Pop Social

Pop Social is setting the stage to release its second Soulbound asset, Pop Name Service (PNS).

Prepare to elevate your Pop Social Experience with PNS, the unbreakable connection to your place in the Pop Social Universe. PNS is where your digital identity takes root and thrives, enabling authentic interactions, collaborations, and limitless opportunities.

Pop Social is happy to announce its next exciting Soulbound asset debut. Are you ready to get your unique and personal Pop Name Service (PNS)?

What Is Pop Name Service (PNS)?

The PNS feature is a golden ticket that allows Pop Social users to create a unified social identity. Traditional social media has led to scattered pieces of user identity across multiple disconnected platforms. Think of it as your personal online brand, one name that connects you to every digital footprint, activity, and accomplishment you've made in the online realm.

In detail, our PNS is an identity-centric Stablecoin for users to Chain their Agnostic Social Identities. This means Pop Social users can bridge fragmented centralized identities from traditional platforms and technical Web3 protocols to unite decentralized global communities.

Your Pop Name Service (PNS) enables you to merge your conventional platform identities with your Web3 identity. This creates a unified social identity that can help you keep tabs on key social metrics, validate your achievements, and enhance your online reputation. By consolidating scattered clustered fragments of your digital identity, PNS sets the stage for exciting social DeFi possibilities in the future.

How Does PNS Work?

Pop Social's innovative decentralized name solution is meticulously designed by the Pop Social team. PNS represents a pioneering approach to digital identity, as it functions as a Soulbound Decentralized Identifier (DID), thereby ensuring its security and authenticity. Unlike conventional domains, PNS domains can not be traded or transferred, giving users an unalterable link to their online identity.

PNS holds the power to revolutionize your online presence within the Pop Social Ecosystem. With PNS, you can effortlessly establish your distinctive digital identity, all under the trusted .pop domain extension. This personalized PNS is more than just an online label. For instance, it serves as your immutable Decentralized Identifier (DID) throughout your exciting journey into the realm of social finance (SocialFi).

Be certain before you set your PNS

As a Soulbound DID, PNS offers an unparalleled level of security and trustworthiness. Your PNS domain is intrinsically tied to you, providing an unwavering connection to your digital persona. This innovative approach ensures that your online identity remains intact, impervious to unauthorized alterations or transfers.

With PNS, your journey into the world of SocialFi is marked by a unique and secure digital identity. This identity not only enhances your recognition within the Pop Social Ecosystem but also serves as a fundamental component of your Web3 experience. In an era where digital identity is of paramount importance, PNS stands as a beacon of security, authenticity, and personalized online presence.

Check Out PNS Perks and Utilities

Pop Name Service (PNS) offers more than a unique digital identity. It also comes with the promise of ownership, security, interoperability, privacy control, and a sense of community within the Web3 environment. These perks collectively contribute to a richer, safer, and more engaging online experience for PNS users.

Unique Digital Identity:

In the digital landscape, standing out is crucial. PNS gives users the opportunity to own a distinctive .pop domain, akin to having a memorable online address. This domain becomes your virtual signature, making it easier for others to find, remember, and connect with you in the vast Web3 world.

Decentralized Ownership:

Traditional domain registration often involves relying on centralized registrars, putting your online identity at their mercy. With PNS, you have true ownership. Your PNS domain is secured on the blockchain, ensuring that no central authority can take it away or make changes without your consent.

Enhanced Security:

  1. PNS leverages blockchain technology's robust security features to protect your online identity. The immutable nature of blockchain technology makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized parties to tamper with your domain or gain access to your information.


PNS is designed to work seamlessly across a wide array of Web3 applications and services. This interoperability ensures that your .pop domain remains consistent and usable across various platforms, simplifying your online presence management.

Privacy Control:

PNS puts you in control of your personal data. You decide what information you want to associate with your .pop domain. This granular privacy control empowers you to share only what you're comfortable with, enhancing your overall online privacy and data security.

Community Engagement:

  1. With PNS, you become part of a vibrant community of users who share the .pop domain extension. This shared identity fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging collaboration, discussions, and interactions within the PNS ecosystem, creating a dynamic online space.

When Can You Expect the PNS Launch?

The PNS launch will take part in two phases. The first phase includes the PNS launch on the mainnet where users can begin to mint their PNS right away by paying a small amount of gas fee (BNB). Here, you can choose and claim your PNS name, which is a Soulbound Token, representing a unique and non-tradeable digital identity. Your PNS name is not just a label; it's your online identity. We've made sure that your PNS name is easily discoverable through our search function, enhancing your visibility within the ecosystem.

Building upon the strong foundation laid in Phase 1, we will proceed to announce the Partnership PNS phase, the second phase. In this stage, we aim to foster valuable collaborations with other Decentralized Identifier (DID) providers. The goal is to offer you even more customization options for your PNS domain.

As a PNS user and a holder of one of our esteemed partners' DIDs, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to integrate their domain suffix into your PNS. For example, if you hold a Starrynift citizenship card, you'll be able to customize your PNS with a .starrynift.pop suffix.

Our current partners, including Starrynift, Galxe, Relation, and INTO, are just the beginning. We have exciting plans to expand our list of partners in the near future. By collaborating with leading DID providers, we're enhancing your PNS experience, making it even more versatile and tailored to your unique digital identity needs.

This leads us to the third phase, where users can mint their PNS on the BSC mainnet after the PPT token launch. During this time, the network fee must be paid in PPT. Thus, during the mint transaction, users will see a message telling them to pay network fees using PPT. This message will also include fee estimation, and like always, the users' PNS name will be searchable through the search function.

The PNS journey is evolving, and we're thrilled to have you on board. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to innovate and bring more exciting features and opportunities to the Pop Name Service community. Get on the Pop DApp and look out for official launch dates! If you haven't claimed the first exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass, here's how you can secure it.

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