Level Up on the Pop DApp to Gain up to 300% $PPT Earning Boost
March 26, 2024

Level Up on the Pop DApp to Gain up to 300% $PPT Earning Boost

Pop Social announces a revamped Level Up model for Poppers to gain up to 300% $PPT earning boost.

It's been a while since our team unveiled the Level Up feature on the Pop DApp. Following its launch, Poppers across the world took to Leveling Up on the Pop DApp to claim a greater earning boost at each Level Up. Despite the warm reception of the Level Up feature launch, responses from our beloved community got us re-evaluating.

Keeping in mind all the voices of our Poppers, our latest update on the Pop Social Ecosystem is in response to your feedback. Without further ado, Pop Social is pleased to announce the release of a revamped earning boost model for the Level Up functionality! Like the preceding model, each Level Up will guarantee an earning boost. However, in this new model, Poppers can gain a maximum of 300% boost at Level 50!

Understanding the New Level Up Model

Poppers have 50 Levels to unlock on the Pop DApp. Every Level comes with a unique title and at every 10 levels, you earn a new badge on the Pop Social Ecosystem. While Leveling Up does incur additional benefits at unspecified levels, one perk guaranteed at every Level Up is a boost to your $PPT earning rate. For instance, the earning rate is as follows for these Levels, Level 1 (10%), Level 25 (53%), and Level 50 (300%).

Besides this guaranteed $PPT earning boost, you can also unlock other rewards as you Level Up. These rewards can range from a free Treasure Chest, Whitelist for new NFT releases, transaction fee discounts, zero network fees, official and exclusive Pop Social merch, Pop figurines, commemorative Pop NFTs, and possibly more. These rewards could be subject to change as we release more exciting features in the future. Level Ups will also give you the chance to participate in our exclusive Pop Ambassador Program.

Level Up on the Pop DApp Now!

Leveling up your Pop Social account on the Pop DApp is simple. Open the Pop DApp and click the number on the top-right corner of the app. The number will appear in a hexagon, likely showing the number 1 if you haven't Leveled Up before. If you have, then the number reflects your present account Level on the platform. Upon clicking this numbered icon, you can view your account status.

Each account level comes with an exclusive title. You can see what perks you enjoy at your present level, how much $PPT you need to use to Level Up, and what perks the next level will be unveiled to you. Before you Level Up, make sure your Pop Wallet holds sufficient $PPT to level up to the next Level before you click the invest button to Level Up!

What To Do With Your $PPT?

If you're a true Popper who's been actively engaging with the Pop DApp and participating in community events, then there's no doubt that your $PPT bags are swole! While $PPT traders may prefer trading our native asset on partnered exchanges Bybit, Bitmart, Bitget, BingX, Gate.io, and MEXC, others have been diligently Leveling Up or putting their $PPT into Pop NFTs to get a massive $PPT earning boost.

Besides these options, you can also put your $PPT to work by opening the newly released feature on the Pop DApp, Treasure Chests! Unlocking Treasure Chests will reward you with 1 of 4 exciting prizes: Pop Accessory NFTs, Pop Merch, $PPT Giveaways, and Whitelist spots for future Pop NFT releases. You will soon have another option to put your $PPT to work in the form of $PPT Staking to support the Pop DAO. Stay tuned for more news on that front Poppers!

PopBlitz Contest

As a way to celebrate this milestone, we're giving 20 Poppers a chance to win epic prizes for Leveling Up. Be the first to unlock legendary Pop rewards! You've got one month starting February 15, 2024, till March 15, 2024. Level Up as much as you can to win BIG!

How to Participate

Taking part in this event is simple. Head to the Pop DApp and use your $PPT to Level Up your Pop account. The higher you level up, the greater your chance to secure a top 20 Level Up position. Specifically, the top 20 Levels earned will each win epic prizes!

Spend time on the Pop DApp by creating daily content and making meaningful engagements, unlock Treasure Chests, or visit our partnered exchanges to pump your $PPT bag. Pool your $PPT and Level Up like a Pop God to secure a winning spot during this month!


The Revamped Level Up Competition will run for one month, at the end of which 20 of the top-earned Level Ups can claim their rewards as determined below.

First Place: 3000 PPT and 3x Treasure Chests

Second Place: 2000 PPT and 2x Treasure Chests

Third Place: 1500 PPT and 1x Treasure Chest

Fourth Place: 1000 PPT and 1x Treasure Chest

Fifth Place: 500 PPT and 1x Treasure Chest

Sixth-Tenth Place: 250 PPT and 1x Treasure Chest

Eleventh-Twentieth Place: 150 PPT and 1x Treasure Chest

We look forward to seeing how far you can Level Up in this limited-time Poppers! Do any of you have what it takes to unlock Level 50 in just a month!? Show us what you got! Make sure to follow us on our official channels and stay tuned for more fun competitions for a chance to win BIG.

The Pop Social platform is designed to maximize your Creator experience and leverage ownership economy in the Web3 space. We encourage every Popper to explore all features of the Pop Social Ecosystem to make the best of the tools at your disposal. Boost your creative flow like never before Poppers! Soon we'll release AI tools to further assist your innovative pursuits. Let's keep it Poppin!

Download the Pop DApp:

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