How To Claim Your Exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass
May 31, 2024

How To Claim Your Exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass

The exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass is live! Did you claim yours yet? Here's how you do it.

Dear Poppers, we hear you. The Pop Pilot Pass campaign is live and you're all channeling your excitement into completing Quest 1 to claim your exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass. Firstly, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for your enthusiasm and dedication to our Web3 social media project. The Pop DApp gets better every day thanks to your active participation.

Currently, the Pop Social team is working hard to bring you more exciting features. The latest of these efforts brings us to the Pop Pilot Pass. The Pop Pilot Pass campaign just went live and we're already gaining a lot of feedback from you, our wonderful Pop community. We see all the challenges you are facing on your Pop Pilot Pass journey. Consider this blog a guide to simplifying the Pop Pilot Pass claiming process.

Please remember that each of your experiences is different due to many concerns revolving around your place of operations, the social media login processes you use, and the wallets you choose to connect. This blog will walk you through all the many snags you may have hit during your Pop Pilot Pass claim process. Please be patient as we address each step and help you find your hurdle.

Pop Pilot Pass Journey

You can claim the Pop Pilot Pass by heading to the Pop Social Website. Click on 'Begin Your Quest'. Then, you'll be redirected to a new page. Here you can see 5 simple tasks you need to complete in order to generate a personal link. Completing this Quest 1 will unlock Quest 2 and allow you to claim your Pop Pilot Pass.

Claiming the Pop Pilot Pass will give you multiple perks such as Proof of Participation, CryberCity citizenship, access to exclusive Pop Social merch and free drops, and also a direct entry into the Pop Pioneer NFT WL Raffle. Indeed, the Pop Pilot Pass is more than just a pretty ticket for our users. Now, let's walk through the tasks under Quest 1.

Begin Your Pop Pilot Pass Journey

Completing Quest 1

Quest 1 consists of 5 simple tasks. Upon completing these, you can generate a personal link to invite other users to claim their Pop Pilot Pass and claim your own Pop Pilot Pass. The first of these 5 tasks happens to be connecting a crypto wallet of your choice. Please note that the Pop Pilot Pass will be deployed through the ZkSync layer 2 chain. Therefore, wallets that can bridge to ZkSync would be the ideal choice. Make sure to begin your journey on PC and use websites and not apps for Discord and Twitter connections. The more common your browser and wallet, the easier your process.

The Pop Pilot Pass page allows you to connect to a variety of crypto wallets. This includes MetaMask, Coinbase, and a few more. You can click 'Connect Wallet' and choose your preferred wallet. Next, you must connect your Discord account to prove that you are a part of the Pop Discord community. Make sure to log in with your email and authorize your Discord account to avoid any discrepancies. Keep refreshing the page if the connection fails or clear cache and try again.

Complete the 5 tasks in Quest 1 to generate your personal invitation link

Next, join the Pop Social Discord channel if you already haven't. After this, you must connect to your Twitter account. Again, make sure to log in with your email and authorize your Twitter account to avoid any discrepancies. Refresh the page if it stays stuck for too long. Also, don't be hasty, give the page some time before you choose to refresh. Lastly, finish the last task of following Pop Social on Twitter.

Finally, you can click 'Generate Link' when your personal invitation link will be automatically copied. Make sure to save that link and send it to all your friends and family so they can begin their Pop Pilot Pass journey and help you climb up the leaderboard for Quest 2. If you face any issues besides these, such as access to any sites, please make sure to use a VPN as some issues arise due to your location.

Generate your invitation link and claim your Pop Pilot Pass

Claiming Pop Pilot Pass

Upon finishing all your tasks in Quest 1 and generating your personal link. You are now ready to claim your Pop Pilot Pass. Click 'Claim'. This will open a request on your connected wallet. It will ask you to switch to the ZkSync network. Allow the switch, next it will ask you to pay gas fees. If you already have funds in your ZkSync network then you can pay the gas fees and proceed.

If you do not have funds in your ZkSync network then you can bridge the funds from your current network to the ZkSync Era network using a bridge tool such as Orbiter. Orbiter will need a minimum amount of 0.005 ETH and the gas fees to mint your Pop Pilot Pass is about a similar price depending on your wallet. You can put a little extra ETH in your primary wallet chain and then bridge the minimum amount onto the ZkSync wallet.

Bridge your ETH to the ZkSync Era network

Once the bridged funds are sent, go back to the Pop Pilot Pass page and click 'Claim' once again. You can reject older requests if you like. It makes no difference, as each wallet can only claim 1 Pop Pilot Pass each. You can check the transaction history on your ZkSync chain in your wallet to see the minting transaction. You have now claimed your Pop Pilot Pass. Congratulations!

You have successfully minted your Pop Pilot Pass

Head to and type in your wallet address to catch a glimpse of your Pop Pilot Pass once it has arrived.

Congratulations, you are now a proud owner of a Pop Pilot Pass

Dominating Quest 2

Upon claiming your Pop Pilot Pass, you can move on to Quest 2. Here you can see where you rank on the Leaderboard. The higher up you get, the greater your chances to securing your Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests gives you exclusive perks such as Pop Tokens (PPT), Pop NFTs, early access to new features like AI tools, and much more.

ChestsDepending on your rank, you can mint 1 of 5 Treasure Chests at the end of the Pop Pilot Pass campaign after the end of October. Make sure your invitations reach a greater audience, as you'll need at least 5 of them to claim their Pop Pilot Pass to qualify for a chance at claiming a Treasure Chest.

Take over the leaderboard in Quest 2

We hope you're having a great time participating in the Pop Pilot Pass campaign. Conquer the Quests, mingle with the Pop Social community, and collaborate to become official Pop Creators. You can also verify your Pop Social account to become an official Pop Star on Pop. We've got other ngoing campaigns waiting for your arrival. Feel free to participate and stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

A Pop Social Genesis NFT may just be heading your way, if you're ready that is. Are you ready to Play for Popbit? Until then, enjoy your Pop Pilot Pass, and we'll see you soon!

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