Pop Opens a Portal to Many Wonders, See What the First Phases Behold
December 19, 2023

Pop Opens a Portal to Many Wonders, See What the First Phases Behold

Pop launched its closed alpha testing phase. Feedback from this phase will help solidify the release of the Pop app.

Pop has taken its first big step towards launching the Pop app. We have launched our closed alpha testing round and will soon make it open to a wider audience. This is only the first step towards fulfiling Pop's ultimate vision of empowering its community. This vision encompasses giving Pop users a central space in the Pop ecosystem. Not only will they experience earning in exchange for the time and value they put into Pop, but they can also make decisions on what the future of Pop will be.

Pop will also introduce additional features in the future that will help Pop users and creators evolve from individuals to a community. These features will make their debut as we move into the next phases of the Pop app release. We will delve into these specific features later. For now let's make it clear what alpha testers will be able to explore in phase one and what all Pop users will be able to explore when the Pop app finishes its testing phase and has its official launch.

In the alpha testing phase, Pop will conduct a closed alpha testing round for its Gleam winners and a lucky few who qualify via Twitter and Telegram community activities. In the closed round, users can download the latest version of the Pop test app to explore its current features. This includes setting up a test Pop account and claiming test Pop NFTs. Alpha testers can test the Pop wallet and complete missions to earn test $PPT. These test Pop Tokens can be used to level up their NFTs. Higher level NFTs can unlock additional features on the app which will be decided after the testing phase.

Pop has taken the first step to fulfil its vision with the closed alpha testing phase

Presently, Pop is rewarding USDT to closed alpha testers who share valuable feedback. This initiative will likely cease once Popoo opens alpha testing to the wider audience. All alpha testers will be able to read articles and watch videos on the testing version. They can even like articles and videos they enjoy to earn additional test $PPT. All NFTs and $PPT claimed and earned during the test phase are not owned by their holders as this is simply a testing round. Instead, Pop will airdrop tokens to all alpha testers for their time during the alpha testing phase.

Once all feedback is addressed, the Pop team will reflect relevant feedback to improve the Pop experience before the official launch of the Pop app! In this phase, the initiative is to keep users engaging with the app in order to earn $PPT and level up their NFT. Pop will improve the content available on the app to keep users interested and allow them to use $PPT to unlock additional features on the app. These features could include the ability to comment, chat with community members, react to content, and much more. By leveling up their NFTs, users can unlock a more immersive experience on Pop whilst strengthening their social level on the Pop app. This in turn will bring their NFT more value and prepares their Web3 identifty for the perks coming in phase two.

Phase one will include testing and releasing the Pop app

Phase two will introduce many exciting features. This includes Treasure Chests that can be opened to find exciting rewards like Pop tokens and even rare Pop NFTs. In addition, Pop will deploy user-generated content in this phase. So creators can truly unleash their creative potential on the app. If they wish to, they can even turn their content into NFTs.

That's right, users can begin minting their own NFTs on the app and they can share their NFT collection with the rest of the app on the Pop NFT marketplace! Yup, the most exciting feature in phase two would be introducing the Pop NFT market. Here, users can buy, sell, trade, and swap Pop NFTs and their own minted NFTs. Phase two will also introduce live streaming with Pop Spaces so the community can interact with one another directly.

Phase two will introduce an exciting suite of Pop app features

Beyond phase two, Pop has a lot more in store for the community. We will introduce DeFi and liquidity features along with dedicated features that will help researchers, companies, consumers, students, academics, many more via Pop Research. Pop will also give users Soulbound Tokens which will help them turn their achievements into NFTs and further earn social regognition. To meet CSR and ESG roles, Pop will introduce the Pop Foundation so the community can decide who Pop can help every few cycles. These are just a few of the many plans Pop has in the pipeworks.

The word Popoo is inspired by the word 'Pop' which highlights popular content and 'oo' which is represented by the all-seeing Pop eyes. Pop wishes to connect the global decentralized community based on things they all see despite being in different parts of the world. Watching, consuming, and engaging with the same content is what brings us closer together and Pop wishes to embody that trait in its story. The Pop eyes are everywhere and it sees everything. No popular content can escape from the watchful eyes of Pop users! Join the Pop alpha testing round today and take this exciting journey with us.