Pop Social Adds Blast Integration Spurring Blockchain Interoperability
March 26, 2024

Pop Social Adds Blast Integration Spurring Blockchain Interoperability

Pop Social announces its blockchain integration with the Blast Network. The L2 chain will boost Web3 interoperability.

Pop Social is on a mission to onboard the next billion users to Web3. To actualize this mission, establishing a seamless interoperable platform is crucial to our project. Delivering interoperability is a constant achievement for us. Through our journey so far, we have cemented critical milestones by integrating with capable and active blockchains.

To start, Pop Social began its journey by building on the BNB Chain. Not long after this, we announced our grand integration with the Polygon Network, followed closely by integrating the Pop Social Ecosystem with the Ethereum Network. Both were pivotal milestones in delivering interoperability in a rapidly growing Web3 world.

This brings us to our latest integration announcement. The excitement is real with our latest integration, which is with the Blast network! Pop Social is thrilled to be part of the Blast Network's exciting journey ahead and is pleased to announce the integration of the Blast Network with the Pop Social Ecosystem.

Starting From Blast Testnet

The Blast Network is an impressive new Layer 2 (L2) chain. The network, like Polygon, is a Layer 2 chain built over the Ethereum blockchain network. So far, Blast is the only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins.

The Blast L2 network stands out as the only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Unlike other L2s, Blast's unique design incorporates this yield natively, raising the baseline yield for users and developers. Ultimately, this enables the creation of new business models for DApps that were previously unattainable. Pop Social is eager to explore these potential possibilities on Blast.

Pop Social integrates with Blast

Pop Social and Blast

After establishing the completion of this latest integration, Pop Social is looking forward to welcoming Blast native users to the Pop Social Ecosystem. In doing so, the Pop Team hopes to bring more opportunities for our beloved Poppers to explore a new Web3 space and leverage interoperability across chains when it comes to migrating and solidifying their social reputations across new blockchains.

The Blast Network comes with many positive offers for those building on its chain. For instance, it allows developers to build more sustainable DApps. It offers more flexibility for complex projects whilst also allowing for scalability as a Layer 2 chain. Pop Social has built its tokenomics model with sustainability at its core.

Having shared values with Blast will make our future building together much stronger. Moreover, Blast being an L2 chain, offers cheaper gas costs. Furthermore, the shared gas fees will likely allow the Pop Team to reduce the costs towards transactions made by Poppers in our ecosystem. This will result in greater and faster growth for Pop Social.

Pop Social believes strongly in supporting innovation in the Web3 industry and Blast's innovations are highly commendable. We hope to inspire the same innovation within our team and community with this integration. Keep an eye out for the Blast Network's mainnet launch announcements, Pop Social will follow with news on our Blast mainnet integration soon after!

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