Pop Social's Polygon Integration Accelerates Web3 Social Media Adoption
March 26, 2024

Pop Social's Polygon Integration Accelerates Web3 Social Media Adoption

Pop Labs is pleased to announce Pop Social's integration with Polygon's zkEVM infrastructure. This integration has both parties working together to accelerate the growth of Web3 social media adoption. The Pop social media platform for Web3 is geared toward onboarding the next billion users to Web3. Polygon and Pop see the massive potential of Web3 social media and are working towards bringing these benefits to content creators and consumers across the world.

By joining forces, Pop and Polygon will leverage Pop's mainstream and crypto-native user base alongside Polygon's robust infrastructure. Polygon's decentralized and secure ecosystem will help fortify the Pop social media platform infrastructure to target mass adoption and welcome millions of eager users to Web3. Pop simplifies the journey into Web3 with its user-friendly interface, making the shift to Web3 an easy transition for anyone.

Pop will establish social portability via Polygon zkEVM and Polygon IDs' native system. Also, the Pop Ecosystem will integrate existing interoperable wallers, DeFi, NFTs, and social protocols into Polygon. Finally, network support will also be provided through a gas fee subsidy.

Pop Integrations with Polygon zkEVM Infrastructure

Pop Social Integration with Polygon Brings High-Value Proposition

In the long run, the Pop Labs ecosystem can benefit greatly from this Polygon integration. For instance, by leveraging the Pop social platform infrastructure, Pop can enable SDK and API for developers to build new social verticals on Polygon and Pop.

These open the doors for developer launchpads, SDK for integrations, composability with existing Web3 protocols, as well as revenue sharing incentives. As for the aspect of mass adoption and community building, the integration will leverage Pop's crypto-native and Web2 audience. In turn, this expands Polygon's user base as well.

Polygon's technology will boost Pop DApp's growth. By integrating with Polygon zkEVM infrastructure, Pop Social users will experience lower transaction costs at increased transaction speed. They will also inherit the properties of Ethereum L1, which means a greater level of security and decentralization, enhanced user experience, and interoperability with EVM-compatible chains. Lastly, Pop Social users can avail of existing tools and codebases from the Polygon Ecosystem.

The integration between Pop and Polygon brings another huge perk for Pop Social users. That is a decentralized identity brought on by the Polygon ID feature. Polygon zkEVM provides a self-sovereign identity to each user to preserve privacy and verify users seamlessly. Pop Social allows users to import all their traditional social media achievements on the Pop social media app for Web3. Hence, delivering a high standard of the functioning process for proof of humanity and verifying credibility is a crucial element for Pop.

Step Into a New Web3 Social Media Ecosystem With Pop Social

Pop Social offers futuristic features on its ecosystem geared to support and ensure that original creative content will thrive. With Web3 elements at its core, Pop Social guarantees tokenomics, GameFi, and SocialFi elements along with governance perks and additional platform-specific experiences such as Dynamic NFTs, Raid to Earn, and AI-powered content generation integrations.

To elaborate, Pop has partnered with Prysm Group to design a sustainable tokenomics model. Therefore, Pop Social guarantees an on-chain calculation algorithm for cyclic token emissions based on Merkle Trees for verification proofs. As for the SocialFi aspect, creators can bring their traditional social media accomplishments with Pop's SoulBound Token NFTs. Also, every engagement on the Pop DApp will be rewarded with the Pop Social native Pop Token ($PPT).

For GameFi, Pop DApp users can level up their profile on the app, unlock Treasure Chests to win exclusive prizes, tip creators for innovative content, and have digital asset giveaways. Similarly, NFTs are a huge aspect of the Pop DApp Ecosystem. Pop will release exclusive Pop NFT collections with rare and super rare NFTs. Pop DApp users can expand their collection, mint creator NFTs, collect revenue via subscription NFTs, and swap NFT accessories for their Dynamic NFTs acting as on-chain PFPs.

Pop Social introduces Pop Dynamic NFTs

Finally, governance is also a central principle to the Pop philosophy. Every PPT holder will automatically claim the ability to practice governance in the Pop Social Ecosystem. Pop Social truly believes that creators are the heartbeat of the digital entertainment industry. This is why we give them the power to pave their own path as active members of the Pop Social Ecosystem.

Thrive on Pop Social With Polygon zkEVM Integration

Pop social media creators can bring the success of their social accomplishments from traditional social media spaces to the Pop DApp. This ability of social data portability will allow any Pop Social user to import their reputation from multiple Web2 social media apps onto the Pop Social Ecosystem. Every Pop Social creator can verify their social credentials with proof of identity to receive a verified badge on the Pop Social Ecosystem.

In addition, to secure the Pop DApp from sybil attacks, bots, spammers, and token farmers we guarantee Proof of Humanity. Pop Social is adamant about providing a safe space for organic engagement and fair distribution of rewards. Since we give users the power of governance, it is imperative to verify identities to ensure fair democracy. One user, one vote. Our future AI-generation content module will also eliminate the barrier to creation so all users can leverage creator economy.

All in all, Pop Social is thrilled to be integrating with Polygon zkEVM infrastructure. To achieve their collective goals of seamlessly ushering the next billion users to Web3, both parties are leveraging the strengths of their platforms together. Overall, Pop Social can tap into Polygon's established and renowned robust infrastructure, and Polygon can leverage Pop's niche social media ecosystem geared to elevate traditional social media success on the Web3 level.

Furthermore, by leveraging Pop's crypto-native audience, Polygon can expand its user base, build official social media channels within the Pop Social platform, implement targeted engagement strategies, organize educational webinars, and facilitate interactive discussions within the community channels. The partnership also aims to amplify Polygon's brand equity and awareness through the Pop one million creators' incubation initiative and co-marketing efforts. Thus, the collaboration between Polygon and Pop goes beyond technology and ecosystem integration.

Begin your Web3 social media journey on the Pop DApp today!

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